Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

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26. Chapter 25

WARNING! Very emotional piece with a lot of songs, but I hope you all like it but when I wrote it, I quite got emotional, so when I got emotional I think everyone would :p Have fun! 

Today's the day... Nialls funeral. Tears will stream down on the faces of everyone. The friends of the building flew over to Ireland, Nialls homecountry. His last place to rest... The funeral will be in the afternoon. Sophie decided to look for everything she needed for the funeral. She found the DVD that Niall gave her when he left her for the army. She played it. She had to cry.

The video of Niall Horan (First is the text I wrote that he said and then it's the video you have to play)

'Hi love, now I'm in the army. I still love you a lot and I know we're forever together. So I made this video. Marry me Sophie. Really please marry me when I'm back again. I love you a lot. That's why I made this video to let me remember you my love.'

Play now this video: Niall Horan - Marry Me






That was the video

Sophie cried. 'why did he do that? Why couldn't he stay with me...' She cried harder. Maura heard it and ran upstairs. 'what's going on girl?' She said and gave Sophie a big hug. 'It's Nialls video....' 'Soph... you didn't have to watch that now...' Maura mentionned. 'I needed it... he said that's a video when you miss me....' She defended herself a bit. 

'It doesn't mean that if you miss him that you have to look at it... You have to watch enough of him today. We all are emotional about it. We need you. The baby needs you. ' She laid her hand on Sophies stomach. 'I'm sure Niall would be proud that he would be a dad. And he'll be always the dad of that little wonder in your belly.' Maura supported her. 'And I'm granny. And I can't be happier with that, so if you want you can stay here for a while with the little baby.' Maura proposed.

When they wanted to leave, Sophie got a text from her parents. 'Sorry love, we can't go, the plane is cancelled...' Sophie looked down to the ground. 'what's going on?' Maura asked. 'My parents can't come for Niall's funeral.' She said and cried. 'You have me and we have each other Sophie. And your friend will be there too.' Maura tried to cheer her up.

Sophie made her ready for the funeral. Every step was heavy... She followed Maura to the place in the room. Everyone shook hands, and saying their condolence(I don't know if it's the good word but I hope so?). When Alli and Harry arrived, Sophie couldn't handle it so Alli hugged her best friend thightly. 'Thank you for coming All.' Sophie said.

'I'm your best friend, and Niall was a friend of mine so I couldn't just leave you here... I had to be with you here love.' Alli said. She let her best friend go so Harry could hug her thightly. 'It's gonna be okay, Sophie. Louis, Liam and I made a speech and a song for him. And whenever you need some to talk you're always welcome at our place.' Harry assured her. 

'Thank you Harry.' Sophie whispered and let him go to greet other people. The funeral started after greeting everyone. Sophie walked forward to the microphone

I was waiting for a new letter with Nialls stories in the army. He was so happy that he could protect people around the world. That's the reason why he went to the army and left me. We got discussions about it and he promised me when he comes back again at home that we could build up a life, like marrying each other, having children. Making each other happy, like he would say.

But this week the letter was different than the others. It was a letter to say that he had died for the people he loved... For us all... He was a fighter, inside and outside. I will keep his spirit alive, together with his parents, his friends, with everyone that he knows. Remember that Niall, when you were singing the whole time 'Shut up and dance' , we were laughing and dancing? You still said to me that you wanna marry me and that you love me. You were scared to lose me but you shouldn't. I was scared to lose you at all... and it happened. But remember Niall, I will still love you, even when you aren't here.

In my head, I will be still misses Horan and you're my husband even if we aren't married and a miracle of you will be still a Horan. He's a little Horan and he's a fighter like you. I don't wanna say it, because it's something alive and it's your child.

Dear Niall, I love you, go to sleep and rest in peace my love. I will miss you and remember you as the sweetest man ever.

Everyone said something for Niall. The boys made a song for him and sang them together (imagine that it's Just Hold on - Louis Tomlinson for the ones who doesn't know the song, it's under this text)



When the boys had sung their song, the funeral was done. Only a song played with pictures of Niall Horan with the song Wait for you. (I choose this because it has a feeling like you want something back, and if you are interested in the video , just watch, and if you don't, it's your own choice ;) )





Strangers POV (I wrote this piece in a POV because it makes it better, when I end it,  I will mention it, or it is in the next chapter nobody's POV)

'Hide!' my friend Toby said, I call him Toby now, because a lot happened. 'Did she look at me?' I asked him. 'I don't think so... I hope we can be incognito, you're making a mess of it Riley... I mean it. Why?' Toby asked me. 'What would you do? You did the same... And I listened to you and helped you with the same.' 'I agree, but why do we do this?' 'Because we love them...' I whispered and looking at Sophie.

I heard people speaking that I know... 'Sophie where did you look at?' 'I thought I saw Niall...' 'Niall's dead Sophie. He can't stand here like nothing happened, we said goodbye to him, even it is hard for us...' 'But Alli... I really saw him!' 'Sophie, go back to the hotel with us or go to Maura to lay down a bit. I think it's the pregnancy.' 

What? Is she pregnant? Why didn't I know this? 'You think the same what I thought?' Toby said to get me out of my thoughts. Then we saw a women, a very known woman for Toby. 'What does she here? I thought she has to take care of Brody and Ellie.' Toby was scared to get caught. 

'Miss Van Houten?' The women spoke to Sophie. 'Yes?' Sophie looked at the woman. 'I'm misses Jessica Ford, I'm the wife of mister Ronan Ford, he died at the same day as your boyfriend. I'm sorry for your loss.. Ronan and Niall were good friends. In the letters he wrote to me, he described Niall as a wonderful friend. He wrote about Niall and about you that Niall constantly talked about you.' Misses Ford said.

'Really? In the letters of Niall, I heard about Ronan but not a lot because I just got a few letters. He was just new there...' Sophie said and looked down. I just got a feeling of sadness. Why do we do this to them?

' If there's something you need, you can call me.' Jessica said to her. 'thank you Jessica.' Sophie said and went to people she knew. I should run now together with Toby, before we cause problems...

Ending of the chapter. I hope you like it. Who do you think that Riley and Toby are? Why do they know them? Let me know what you think ! :) I hope to write more soon. Next chapter is just how I write not with POV's normally, unless I mention it.

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