Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

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25. Chapter 24

'Alli, really? Couldn't you say something else about it?' Sophie yelled in panic. 'Niall junior!' Alli yelled. 'That's not funny Alli. Niall's away, and I have this thing inside of me...' Sophie wanted abortion because it wasn't an option to hold it alone... Niall will be away and maybe never come back again if he's stuck there in the war. ' It isn't a thing, it's a baby! A baby Sophie! A little Nialler or a little Sophie.' Alli was happy, more happier than her best friend who was carrying the child. Sophie was irritated because of Alli, who was so happy about it. It was twisted feeling for Sophie. It was a bundle of joy in her but that bundle of joy couldn't have a normal dad. 

Alli left the room so Sophie could look for her letters from Afghanistan, the letters from Niall. She looked forward to it, it was his third letter. She hoped for better news that everything will be alright, that he could come back sooner. 

The post was there again, it was the same enveloppe as Niall's letters. But bad news... 

Dear misses Van Houten, 

I'm sorry for the loss of your boyfriend, mister Niall James Horan. We only got your information. He only wrote to you. Could you inform the rest of his family. He has died in the war in Afghanistan, because of a bomb. If his body returns to England, you will receive more information. I'm very sorry for your loss. We hope our services of the army can help you as wel. You can contact us with this number .....

She didn't read any further, she was hopeless. She lost Niall.. Her everything. 'I told him not to go! It's gonna be his death! And I'm right about it.' Sophie yelled and cried. Alli heard that from her room. She ran to Sophies room. Emotional, speechless. 'What's going on love?' Alli said when she knocked on Sophies door. 'He's dead! Niall's dead!' She yelled and cried. 'Let me in Sophie; you don't have to carry this pain alone.' Alli whispered against the door. She laid her ear on the door and sighted. 

'Open the door please Soph... Harry and I want to help you...' Alli said. 'Let me alone.' 'No, I don't let you do, you need to carry this pain together.' She said. 

'I have to carry this alone... The baby ... The pain... Niall's gone, forever.' Sophie cried and opened the door for her best friend. . Alli hugged her best friend. 'I lost him Alli. I knew this time would come....' Sophie cried. 'Sssh....' Alli stroked Sophies back. 

'You couldn't see this happening, Soph. I couldn't see this either. And I know Niall was a strong guy. He couldn't do nothing about a bomb or something stronger. Only a shot is sometimes enough like a shot in the heart.' Alli tried to support Sophie and gave her a big hug. It wasn't the best sentence like the bomb thing but it was the truth. 

Sophie cried and held her hand on her stomach. 'What should I say to Niall's parents, your son is dead but he has left something alive, a baby? It's quite weird...' 'Do you gonna keep little Nialler?' Alli asked curious. Sophie nodded. 'It's the only way to keep Niall in a way alive...' Sophie sighted. 'That's good choice Sophie.' Harry finally said something. 

'Is it okay, that I'm gonna tell the news to Louis and Liam? They knew Niall like you and me... I think the boys and I should do something as tribute for him...' Harry suggested. 'It's okay, tell it them, I can't ... I have to inform his parents that would be hard enough.' Sophie answered. 

'Maybe I should go to Ireland, I think it's better that the funeral will be in Ireland... his home country... ' Sophie said. 'Do you want me to go with you?' Alli proposed. 'Let me do it alone , I have to carry the pain alone as well. I'm going to call Maura and Bobby...' Sophie said and let Alli leaving the room.

She called Maura first. 'Hello, Maura?' 'You're calling the right person. Who are you?' 'I'm Sophie, Niall's girlfriend.' Sophie almost cried. 'Oh Sophie, how are you? How's Niall doing in the army?' She didn't know anything. 'I'm calling because of that...' She couldn't hold her tears.... 'Niall... Niall is.... dead...' The silence was quite painful, only a glass that was shattered in pieces was the only sound you could hear. 

'This is a joke... Niall... Niall is a strong boy Sophie. He can't.. ' 'Sorry Maura, I couldn't believe it either... Can I come to you to discuss the funeral.... ' 'That's okay, you can stay here. I will contact Bobby, so you wouldn't have a lot to think only coming to Ireland.' 'Thank you so much Maura... See you in Ireland...' 'See you soon Sophie. Be strong.' 'You too...' She closed the call.

She packed her bags and let Alli know that she leaves the country within some hours. The time was ticking away without Niall.... Waiting it away.... She hoped for a reunion instead of a funeral... She took a cab to the airport and made sure she had everything for the flight: ticket, suitcase, clothes, .... 

- In Ireland - 

She landed. She was listening music in the airplane. Niall's favourite songs... 

Shut up and dance (Flashback)

'Just keep your eyes on me.' Niall whispered in her ear. 'You're my destiny.' He sang the words carefully when they came up in the song. He started dancing with Sophie. Keeping his hands on her back and turned her around from time to time. 'I want to do this every time with you. And when you're my wife, I can do this without permission.' He laughs. 'You think that I wanna marry you?' 'Shut up and dance with me.' Niall sing and laughed. Sophie laid her head on his shoulder. He placed a little kiss on her cheek.

'I love you Soph.' He whispered. 'I love you too Niall. I don't wanna lose you.' 'Just shut up and dance Sophie. You won't lose me. The only thing what could happen is that I lost you to better boys.' 'shh shut up and dance Niall. That won't happen.' Sophie laughed. 

End Flashback

'Sophie, I'm so happy to see you.' Maura said when she was waiting for her at the airport. 'I'm happy to see you as well. I hoped it was for something else but never mind;..' Sophie sighted and looked at her ring. The ring was a promise ring, a sort of ring for a fiancee.

'Let's go home.' Maura announced. Sophie grabbed her suitcase and put it in the trunk of the car. They drove back home in Ireland. They packed out and Sophie showed Maura pictures of Niall... and memories... Memories are for the eternity. 

When they came home. Sophie was feeling sick, she had to throw up. 'Where's the toilet?' She asked quickly and ran to the room that Maura had pointed out for her. 

When she came back, Maura asked directly the question: 'are you pregnant? You weren't sick before?' Sophie cried. 'Yes I am. I discovered it the day when we got the letter of Nialls death. I thought I shouldn't tell him and do an abortion... I'm too young for it but now I realize I should carry it nine months and let it alive as sign that Niall's still alive in our lives.' Sophie answered emotionally. 

'Thanks for carrying it for Niall.' Maura said and hugged her. 'Niall needs to be remembered like he was and I hope the baby would have the same beautiful characteristics like him. The same appearances... ' Sophie said and sighted. 

'You're right, we need to remember him how he was. ' Maura mumbled. They sat together on the table. 'I think the best is speeches and the music that Niall likes.' Maura said. 'I think it's a good idea. Harry, a friend of him, wanted to do something with the band of the building where Niall and I had a room.' Sophie said. She grabbed her phone looking at a picture of her and Niall.

'Catpower!' Sophie mumbled in silence and smiled. 'What?' Maura asked. Sophie showed her the picture. 'This was when we're giving a party for the building. I was dressed up with some cat ears. And he said , you're my power. Cat Power. And then he grabbed his camera and made this picture. After the picture he kissed me passionately and said that he loves me to the moon and back. He described his love with the moon and the stars and everything what he saw... I was immediately in love with him when I moved in the building. He gave me the wonderful feeling of being the most wonderful girl in the world.' Sophie cried and told Maura everything. 

'Niall was that kind of boy, I'm happy that he got that.' Maura said. 'I'm proud of my son what he had achieved. Why does he have to leave us now? He had enough to do: building up a family, having you, ...' Maura said and cried as well.

They hugged each other thightly because this period would be intense. Maura will call the army while Sophie planned the things that the friends would do at the funeral. She made the invitations for the funeral... They had a task and a planning but when it's over, they got nothing to do... Only the sadness of the death of Niall...

Hi lovely readers, I would like to thank you all for your patience, I hope you will have the patience for the rest of the chapters as well. It's quite busy for now with my final year with an important bachelorproof. That's a sort of research of a subject like: what's the influence of something in ... Enterprise. 

I feel a bit guilty... Niall's dead, but the best has yet to come so I hope you won't leave the story because of Nialls death in the book. 

I hope you will wait for chapters because I have a lot of inspiration and I hope I can give you inspiration as well if you read this book. Let me know if you're still reading my book. I hope I can write more soon.

Love you all! X Eline


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