Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

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24. Chapter 23

It was time for Niall, training and going abroad. Just like it was time for Harry to go to France. Time was ticking away. Too slowly for Alli and Sophie. Alli said goodbye to her boyfriend at the airport. 'Goodbye, take care of yourself Alli. I know you can do it. Next holiday I'm here again at the airport, looking at you and how beautiful you still are.' Harry said and stroked her hair. He put a strand of her hair behind her ear. Then his hands touched her cold cheeks. He pushed her face almost to his face and kissed her passionately.

'I love you Alli. I will see you again in weeks.' He said and kissed her again. Then he grabbed her hand and put a ring around her finger. 'This is when you think of me.' Harry said and kissed her hand and her ring. Then the voice came. 'The flight to France is in gate 3' (I have never been in airports so excuse me if it's wrong) 'I have to go love.' HArry said and kissed his girlfirned for the last time. She waved him away. 

She almost cried. Why does he have to leave? To France? Not somewhere else in the country? The questions were spinning her head. She decided to call for a cab to go back to the house. While she was back home, Sophie said goodbye to Niall.

'I'm gonna miss you.' Sophie whispered into his ear. 'I'll be soon here again. A few months to go.' He tried to assure her. 'A few months are a lot of months...' Sophie said. 'I know love, but before you know, I'm back again.' He said and kissed her behind her ear. It made her shiver. 'For you it's not long, but for me it's long enough.' Sophie answered and hugged him thightly. So thightly that he barely could take a breath. A tear was rolling on her cheeks. 'Hey, don't cry love, It'll be soon enough December. And you know with Christmas I'm here again. ' Niall tried to cheer her up again. 

'It's time to go.' Niall said and kissed his girlfriend again before he left her. She kissed him for the last time, as passionately it can. 'Love you Sophie.' He said and kissed her again. 'Love you too Niall.' She said, leaving him a little smile when he left the room. 

She cried when he left the room. She was torn.... Nothings fine, I'm torn, was playing in her mind. She was curious about the video Niall gave her, but he said yesterday she only has to be play it after his first letter. What a change for her and what a waiting time. When will he get the time to write one? In a fight, he can't... He needs to sleep after the fight so she asked in her mind , when could be the best time for him...

She walked to Alli's room and knocked on her door. Alli her tears were the same as Sophies. The tears were killing them inside. The pain they had wasn't something that everyone could understand. 

A few weeks later 

It was a monday, it was a rainy day. The post brought Sophie a letter, just like they did for Alli. Sophie opened her letter; she hoped for a letter of Niall: 

My lovely Sophie, my almost wife, 

I write you a letter now. I promised you that and I kept my promise. It's hard here, the war starts every hour of the day. Soldiers doesn't want to fight but they have to. I hope it stops as soon as it can.. But I think I have to do this the months until December. When I wrote this, I thought of you and kissing your lips... Sophie, you know that I love you so much, I'll take care of you when I'm back, you have to take care of yourself until I'm back again. 

The Soldiers here have families as well, someone told me they got a little boy and girl. He had picture of them, just like I got a picture of you. My phone is not an option now, so I took a picture to put it in my jacket, so you're always here with me, love. 

Sometimes I just want that we got a family like the other soldiers, the children they have,... When I come back, we make work of it ;p

I just want to say that I love you... So so much.

Lots of Love

Niall Horan


The letter was clear enough, but Sophie was crying. She missed him a lot. Just like Alli missed Harry but she only heard him like calling him, he couldn't write letters or could send a mail , so they call each other every week. That's maybe better than receiving a letter. This time she called Harry, it was in the late evening.

Harry : Hey baby girl
Alli: Hi babe. How are you?
Harry: I'm fine here. We're filming a scene about my character leaving his wife for the army. I had to think about you. That helped me playing it very well.
Alli: that's great news love. I'm happy that I could help you indirectly. 
Harry: haha, c'est bon mon amour.
Alli : What did you say? You still don't know that I can't speak a word French.
Harry : I said that's fine, my love. 
Alli : Haha, here's the situation a bit complicated. Sophie's worried about Niall. Niall has sent her a letter but she's worried that she never gets one anymore. He could be dead there soon.
Harry: poor Sophie. I understand you're worried as well. 
Alli: Yeah, I need to support her all the time, it isn't that simple. You're playing in a war movie too but you're not dead for playing it. Niall is really in a war, that's different.
Harry: I know I know. 
Alli: But I'm happy that I could call you.
Harry: me too but I have to go love. Need some sleep.
Alli: Beautysleep? Hear you later. 
Harry: That's right. Bye!
Alli: Bye!

Alli sighted and closed the call. She was happy to hear him but on the other side she missed him more and more because of calling him. 



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