Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

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22. Chapter 21

'How was it yesterday?' Harry said when Alli was awake again. It was a hard day yesterday. The confrontation of Niall and Sophie was quite heavy. Harry was there to comfort Niall. But Alli was such a wreck and then comforting Sophie. It was a hard job. 

If this continues, it will have not a good ending. Alli looked into Harry's eyes. 'Sophie was furious... I can't handle this no longer...' Alli sighted. Harry hugged her. 'Everything will be alright.' Harry placed a kiss on her forehead. He stepped out of the bed so he could make some breakfast for his girlfriend. 

Alli got up and walked to the bathroom for a shower. After the shower, breakfast was served. 'For my love.' Harry said and took Alli in his arms. Alli smiled. 'I'm happy we can spend our time here a bit until we have holidays. When we got that, I'll be in France...' Harry sighted. 'But in the holidays, I can follow you.' Alli mentionned. Harry smiled. 'Yeah.' Harry said. 

Alli hugged her boyfriend. 'Let's go to Sophie when she's done with school?' Alli said. 'But first you and I are going to school.' Harry whispered. 'Yeah, best moment of the day.' Alli said. Sophie went by bike to school while Alli and Harry went by car. 'You make me happy Hazz. I'm gonna miss these moments.'Alli said when he was driving. He laid his right hand on her left thigh.

'I'm gonna miss it too love.' Harry said. 'But don't worry, we'll make it right.' Harry smiled and kissed his girlfriend softly. 'That's right. But first school, see you later.' Alli said when they stopped at school. Alli grabbed her bag and walked to the classroom. Harry went to his classroom. The lessons were very boring for both. The time couldn't go so fast... 

Time was ticking, tick tack tick tack... Finally four o'clock. School's out. Harry waited for Alli in his car. Alli ran to Harry's car, stepped in and kissed her boyfriend passionately. 'Wow, You have to go longer to school if I got some kisses like that.' He grinned. She smiled. 'Okay.' She just said and kissed him again. He kissed her back. 'Let's go home?' He proposed. She just nodded.

When they arrived home, Harry went to his room while Alli could go to Sophie. Seeing how good it went or not... She knocked on Sophies door. 'Alli.' Sophie said happy and hugged her. 'I have decided... I can't sit here and crying for him. Maybe I should talk about it with him.' Sophie said. 'That's a thoughtful decision.' Alli laughed. 

Sophie poked her friend. 'Thank you for making it clear that I'm stupid. ' Sophie joked. 'Hey! You aren't, go! Talk to your ex! Shout out to your ex and talk with him.' She joked, adding a little 'shout out to my ex' sound of Little mix. 

Sophie locked her door and walked to Nialls room while Alli walked downstairs to go to Harry. She couldn't wait to tell him the news, but yeah she has to wait... Even if they talk, it can go right or wrong. Sophie knocked on Nialls door. 

He opened the door, he was feeling bad, his eyes were looking exhausted. His skin was pale. 'Sophie?' He asked, astonished... 'Yeah, it's me... We need to talk.' She took a breath. He led her inside. 'Come in. It's easier to talk here then in the hallway.' He tried to smile. She laughed a bit. 'How are you?' She asked to break the silence. He didn't know what to say. 'I'm not that fine, since you left me, I couldn't sleep that properly and eating was a problem. I really miss you Sophie Van Houten.' He said and came closer to her. 

She swallowed. 'I missed you too Niall but I don't know if I can be alone when you're in the army.' She said and hugged him. He stroked her back and held her thightly. She cried a bit and sobbed. 'Hey, I have to do the tests and maybe I can't be in the army because of the tests. We'll see, and maybe the career can be different. Maybe I can choose to work here in the country or abroad.' He tried to explain. 

'I hope you can work in the country Niall...' Sophie said and held him thighter. He let her go, so he could her face. 'I will look for it, but next week I have an info session. You can go with me, if you want? I don't ask you nothing if you don't want... ' Niall suggested. He grabbed her face and kissed her on the nose. 'I'll go if you really want.' She said and swallowed. She looked him in the eyes and the love grew instantly back where it was. She didn't stop loving him. 

'I love you, Niall James Horan.' She said and kissed him softly. When he realized it, he gave the kiss a passionately side. 'I'll never let you go, Sophie.' He answered after the kiss. When they got the pieces together, Sophie wanted to tell it immediately to Alli, so she texted Alli with the good news.

'But Sophie, promise me one thing, whatever happens, I love you and I hope you'll love me and stay by my side.' He said insecure. 'I'll stand by your side Horan.' She smiled. 'Maybe we can plan a wedding before I go to the army and plan a child.' He winked. 'You mischievous boy.' Sophie laughed. 'Hey , I want only you and I want you to be the mother of my children.' He said honest. 

She smiled. 'I know but I'm too young to marry now and children as well. I want to finish my studies first.' She said. 'Okay, okay.' 'And also one thing, we're just together. I want to wait a year or more.' She said. 

NEW CHAPPIE YAY ! Sorry for not writing a lot, I am busy with school, so I'll try to write sometimes for this story and for my other story Lillybelle. I hope you still like the story and that you can wait for the chapters. I hope I can soon write a lot of chappies but I can't promise!

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