Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

Cover made by my official cover maker mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


21. Chapter 20

Sophie was hiding herself in the room. Everyday Niall tried to visit her but nothing helped. Only Alli could come into her room. 'Isn't it time to get out of your shell, Soph? Take distance of the misery.' Alli said and stroked Sophies back. Tears were streaming down. 

'I have to but I can't.' Sophie shook her head. She cried harder. 'Come here. ' 'He was my everything.' She sighted and hugged Alli. Alli pulled Sophie closer and made her to come more outside. 'I know he was your everything but you need to come out of your shell.' Alli reacted.

They walked outside for some fresh air. 'I love him so much, but he? I don't think so because he wants to go to the army...' Sophie cried and cried. She sat down on a bench where you could see all the cars. 'I wish he wasn't here anymore. He could go but without me.' Sophie yelled. 'Hey calm a bit down.' Alli said and stroked her back.

Niall was walking outside with his hands in his pocket. He didn't notice the girls talking about him. 'You need him and he needs you Soph. Really. You're made for each other. I know there will be a good reason for it why he wants to go to the army.' Alli tried to explain.

'I don't know Alli... I don't wanna see him or hear him ever again.' Sophie said but what she said couldn't be wished because there was Niall walking to his car. Before he did that he saw her again and wanted to walk do Sophie. 'I don't wanna see you Horan. Go to your car.' Sophie yelled when she saw him walking to her. 'No I want to talk to you here and now... I want to explain my decision....' He said and sighted. 

He stood in front of her and looking her in the face. 'Listen to me Soph. I really love you. I would do everything for you. But this is the best decision. I found out that I'm not the type to study 3 years... I have to do something active, protect people... The only option is the army. And I don't want you to leave me. I thought we could marry before I leave to fight abroad.' He grabbed Sophies hand. 'I want you to make mine, and to have a family together. You can be pregnant when I'm fighting and when I come back we can spend time as a family. We can do it together Sophie.' He said. 

'I don't want a family if their dad will be away for month. You will make me pregnant to let me alone in nine months of misery? No thanks Niall. I would rather have a man who has a job from 9 to 5 and can hug me or kiss me everyday. Even that he can tell me everyday how much he loves me.' She took a breath. 'I don't want a man who's away for months and then he comes back and wants one thing, a bed and everything around it. Or just have a slave who does everything for him. I'm not that person Niall. I'm verry sorry.' Sophie said honest with tears in her eyes. 

'We can do this together Sophie. The first months I will be here a lot. I have to practice here in the country and then after more than a year it will start abroad.' Niall wanted to explain.'And after a year I will be alone for a long time. Maybe in that year as well if you have to stay there. No Niall that's not a life for me.' Sophie said and looked him in the eyes. 

'I'm not the girl that will wait when her husband will come back after months. That will be counting the days when her husband will be coming back or maybe will be afraid that he will be killed.' Sophie said and pushed him away. 'It's over Niall.' Sophie said and sighted. 'Really?' He said and opened his hands and revealed a box. A beautiful ring was waiting for Sophie. 'Really. Even if you wanted to ask me to marry you... I can't do it while you're in the army that I'm alone or with kids...' Sophie answered.

A sort of scene music here put on play to have the feeling in it:(it is a dutch one but the English lyrics can you find at the bottom of this chapter if you want the translation, it's the melody and the text that made me decide to put this in the story) some lines of the song will be written in the chapter..





'Okay, if that's what you want... I really love you Sophie but I can't study the whole time or just sitting in the office... I'm sorry but I think I need to make a decision. I go to the army even if you don't want to... I'm sorry. ' Niall said and let a tear fall on his cheeks.

'Leave me the time to reflect myself.' Sophie sighted. 'I'm happy where I am now in life. Sophie I need you, you make me happy.' Niall said with tears. ' Doubts, asking a question and keep on learning Niall...' She grabbed a tissue because tears were streaming on her face. 'I can only give what I can offer. I can only say the words I know.' Niall grabbed Sophies hands trying to beg and bargain. 'You can't bargain with love.' Sophie said and walked away. 

'Sophie please...' Niall said and run after her. Sophie stopped and turned around. 'No Niall, I don't wanna hear it. Only if you put that stupid idea out of your head... going to the army.' She left the place without a word after that... Niall sighted. 

'Let her a bit Niall. I promise this we'll be better with a few days.' Alli said and hugged him. 'Maybe you can go somewhere with Harry. Forget all this misery?' She proposed. She didn't like the situation like now... Everyone unhappy and maybe she can do something with Sophie. Hopefully this will solve the situation a bit. A few days time, it will maybe help!

the lyrics: 

Leave me the time to reflect, the end balance
I'm happy where I am now in life
Doubts, asking a question and keep on learning
Correcting errors, trying to turn the tide
Because i have hurt, lied and cheated
I had to learn a lot about women and respect
I could blame it on my environment, all of them , piranha's
But in the end, I've done what I've done, Rascal
Love, an abstract concept, especially then, and to be able to love,
we need to have enough courage honey, forgive me
You've taught me what I had to know.
Life's too precious to say
"Je m'en fous" (I don't care in French)
I can only give zwat I can offer
I can only say the little things I know
I've been bargaining, opportunist
But with love, you don't bargain...
Silence, please, I'm reflecting on my memoires
Thinking of all the people that have been close to me
I see a friendship as vivid as before
But i'm blowing dust from faded paper, here and there
Tsk, That's how it goes. Friends come and go
And also grew out of the lifestyle, but that's normal
I walked both with the most crazy as the best legionnaire
Youth of the city, tales of the suburbs
I never said how important they were for me.
But they made me into who I am now
I follow the wisdom, listen to its words
Making choices, it's a part of life.
I can only give zwat I can offer
I can only say the little things I know
I've been bargaining, opportunist
But with love, you don't bargain...
In search of silence, but I can't seem to find it
Peace of mind is hiding behind confusion
Oh, Look how old I am, and still know little more
The carelessness that I try to leave behind, is still there
I still make mistakes, bragger that I am.
I hope I've got something good to offer to the people around me
The more valuable I become, the more value I have to share
And ain't it funny that that's the real happiness

I can only give what I have to offer
I can only say the little things I know
I've been bargaining, opportunist
But with love, you don't bargain...

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