Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

Cover made by my official cover maker mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


3. Chapter 2

Sophie remembered the time she had to come to Nialls room, to drive with him to university. She made sure her hair was done, her make up was perfect. Maybe this would be a perfect moment voor a kiss, a passionated and lovely one. Stop thinking that Sophie, he won't like that! Her head thought. 

She grabbed her bag en went upstairs to Niall and knocked on his door. 'Sophie!' Niall said when he opened the door. Too happy to see her again. 'Niall!' She said back. 'Ready to go? I'll take my car keys and my bag, and we'll go.' He informed her. He grabbed his bag en his car keys and locked his door. Both walked downstairs. 'Hi man!' Niall greeted Louis. He has met him yesterday. 'That's Louis.' Niall said to Sophie when she didn't know who he was. 

'Oh.' Sophie just said. 'He lives in room 1, just when you come in. He's a funny guy. He lives her already a few years so if you have any questions, he can help you.' Niall told her. Sophie just nodded. She followed her to his car. He opened the car door for Sophie. 'Thank you gentleman.' 'I only do that for funny and beautiful women.' He said. Sophie could only blush with that compliment. 

They sat down in the car and Niall focused on the way. Sophie texted her best friend Allison:

I'm in the car with that hottie from our building. Tonight, fotoshoot with him :) I hope I can get him. He's so hot and nice, everything I see in a man.

It made Sophie smiling in her heart when he just touched her or spoke to her. They arrived at the university and walked to their classes, they already had said where they come together to go back 'home'. While the lessons started for Niall and Sophie, Allison didn't like college because of the feeling that Harry was still there. He would appear in the situations she doesn't wanna have him. And the fact that Sophie was busy with Niall just made her insecure too. Too scared to lose her best friend again to boyfriends.

Tick tock tick tock, time was ticking too slow for Sophie. University and time when she was alone when Niall said she could come at 7 pm were too slow for her. Niall put her in his car when university was done. Niall loved how he could talk with Sophie. While Sophie and Niall were loving each other, Allison was scared. Harry pinched her ass when she came around to get her bike. 

She wanted to say something about it , beat him or something like that but there are a lot of people and she knew she would get reactions, hate at least. She just picked up her bike and rode home. 

She closed her doors and made sure Harry wouldn't come back again. So Allison closed her doors and Sophie opened her doors , but only opening her door for Allison and Niall. Sophie her thoughts were so deep, even concentrate on something was too difficult at all. 

Happily she had to warm up some food, so not a lot of concentration to have at least. After eating, doing the dishes, changing clothes, putting some make up on,.... she finallly decided to go upstairs. It was already 7 PM. Knock knock on his door and with one click he opened the door. 'Come in.' He said and lead her to his 'living-kitchen-study' room. A couch was placed for two. 

They both took a seat on that couch. 'So..;' He said to break the break the silence at least.  'Let's take some pictures?' Sophie proposed enthusiastic.'Okay.' He said and Sophie took her camera and used Niall as her model. He was a good model to be honest. Doing crazy, serious, sexy, he could do every kind of photoshoot. After the photo session, Sophie showed her photos. 'I look like a model.' Niall joked. 'You really are.' She said really serious and looked him in the eyes. 

'You are sure? If you say it...' He said sighted. He wasn't convinced of his talent. He only wanted to impress Sophie. Or getting her as his girlfriend.  'Maybe we should make some photos of us too?' He proposed so she would stay a bit more than only being a photographer for model Niall. Sophie accepted the 'proposal' and they made crazy pictures. Crazy faces, a kiss on their cheeks picture,.... Everything would go into the pictures what they had invented.

But on one moment Niall grabbed Sophies camera and made photos of Sophie. 'Give me a smile. Give me a kiss hand.' He joked and she did what he had ordered her. Nialls neighbours would absolutely hear their sound of laughing. Not negative maybe, hopefully not because nobody knocked on the door to calm them down. 

A lot photos later, he laid the camera on the table. His hands touching her cheek. A little glow on her cheeks. A mouth coming closer and closer. The feeling of being satisfied could be described now. His lips closed the space between their lips. Lips touching, it was an amazing feeling for Niall and of course Sophie enjoyed it. Her dreams came true, because lips just doing what they wanna say: I love you.

Eyes are closed, lips are still moving around. The feelings were deeper and deeper. After the kiss, eyes opened, feelings were spoken and revealed. Eyes were shocked but relieved. 'You feel the same like I do? Sophie I really like you.' He said honest but hopeless. He had never expected to give his feeling like that to a girl. While saying that he looked to the ground, scared of her reaction. How would she react? Does she like a boy like him? Honest, maybe a little bit insecure? 

'Niall...' She said, taking a breath and tried to get the words out of her mouth. Niall looked in her eyes. 'Yes?' He said insecure with a little smile. The smile was a little bit hope that showed up.  'I don't like you...' She said. He was disappointed and ashamed of the hope he had. Sophie thought he would see it on her smile that she made a joke. But no, she was wrong. But just a few seconds later she rectified her mistake. 

'But Niall... I really love you.' She said. A happy smile appeared on Nialls face. Hope became hapiness. A kiss appeared on two lips. Two happy people in love, finally could say how they feel. 'I love you too Sophie.' He whispered in her ear when she put her head on his shoulder after their kiss. 

'I don't wanna go away, I want to stay here with you.' She said when Niall was playing with her hair. He always loved that to do that with a girls hair. She grabbed her camera and showed Niall every picture. 'There is one missing.' Niall discovered. 'Which?' Sophie asked. Niall put her camera on the table put a time on it and kissed Sophie so the picture would be a kiss picture. 

'This was missing.' He smiled and kissed her again. Then they looked at the picture. A perfect one. 'If you put them on your laptop can you send them to me too?' Niall asked. He put his number, his e-mailadress and everything she needed from him on a paper. She put the paper in her pocket. 'Promised.' 

A smile appeared on their faces, like nothing could stop them. 'I forgot to ask you something, something very important.' Niall said and looked Sophie in the eyes. She was surprised. What was so important? 'Dear lovely Sophie, would you be my crazy mofo?' Sophie laughed. 'Crazy mofo?' She asked him. She never knew that word until now then. 'My brother and I made that word for people who are crazy to love us at all.' He laughed. 

'Yes I want to be your crazy mofo.' Sophie said and nodded for a while. Niall took her in his arms. Sophie was the one who started the kiss now. 'Tomorrow you will come with me, carpooling?' He proposed after the kiss session. She just only nodded and enjoyed the moment now. Getting what she wanted, the sexy most friendly boyfriend on Earth, Niall Horan. 'I could lay here hours and hours in your arms.' Sophie said out loud, never believed she would say that out loud. 

Niall laughed and placed a kiss on her hair. 'And I could stare to you, play with your hair and a lot more hours an hours.' He answered. 'You're mine.' He whispered in her ear. Before they knew it became late. Sophie went back to her room and made everything clear to Niall for tomorrow. While Sophie arrived her room, Allison never could believe what happened, an hour before a miracle happened. 

An hour ago, a  knock on her door made her again in reality. She opened the door. 'Hello.' Harry said friendly, weird for his style, his arrogance, even for his selfish behaviour. 'What do you want? Pinching my ass? Then you won't get any chance to come closer into my environment. ' She said strict. She won't let a boy conquer her. At least not one like Harry Edward Styles, an arrogant one. 

'I want to say sorry for my behaviour. I don't know how to act in some situations at least. ' He said and put his hands in his pocket. His innocent smile came on his face. 'So... can you forgive me?' He took a breath and looked with his puppy eyes into Allisons. 'Okay, okay, so don't be mean again or pinching me like someone disrespectful.' She defended herself. 

'I promise I will try to be a better boy or man, whatever you call me. Can I come in? I want to know you a bit better.' He smiled and said honestly his intentions. 'Sure.' Allison said astonished. He came in and took a chair to sit down. Allison did the same but crossing her legs too. Trying to listen to the man she already hated. But on the other hand, she wanna be friends with him.

'So what do you want to know about me?' She said to get rid of him as soon as she could, scared to give him a chance to be friends as well. 'Full name?' 'Allison Summerhood, your name Harry Edward Styles?' She smiled a bit to break the tension between them. He nodded. 'Good guess.' He laughed. 'Age?' '17 almost going to 18, maturity.' she yelled. 'Still a kid, just like me.' He said and his tongue touched his whole lips to make them wet again. A trick to make her a bit stressed. 

They laughed a bit. Allison could know a bit more about Harry, just like Harry could finally know her more and wouldn't be mean again. He would try at least.  'Well Harry, I hope you could be friendly everytime like this. Because if you're like this, I would like to be friends with you.' 'Yay!' He said happy. Alli laughed a bit, it was too cute how a boy could just say yay because she would like to be friends with him. 

'See you later Styles.' She said when he left her room.'See you later Alli.' Harry said with his biggest smile. Goal accomplished. From being a jerk to a friendly boy. He likes Allison, arrogant but sweet too. It was his type but how would he get her?

Allison was finally happy that he wasn't a jerk again. She hoped there would be more friendly boys then Niall and Harry. According to Sophie, she thought it was a nice boy that Niall boy. Alli hoped her best friend would show him when it was the moment to reveal. 

Allison decided after Harry's conversation to go to bed. The only place to calm a bit down, because her best friend was in love with someone and she was afraid she would lose her best friend. It was always like that when we wanted a boyfriend, and get one. 

Sophie was exhausted and enthusiastic when she arrived her room. Finally Niall. After just one or two days, she got the boy she wanted. His smile, his hair, his laugh, everything was just amazing. 

Could she sleep again? She doesn't want at least, or yes, she wanted to sleep, to dream about him but she rather love to be with Niall, in his bed or her with him around her. She wanted to be as soon as she could to Niall. 


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