Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

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20. Chapter 19

The next day, a new day, Alli decided to talk with Harry. She needs some explanations... With a heavy beating heart she stepped to the door. The door of her little spaces which could be 'home' again. 

She knocked on the door. Harry showed up with tears in his eyes, messy hair, just like a tramp. 'Alli.' He said with tears. 'Hazz.' Alli said. They hugged each other. A connection. 'I missed you.' He said into her neck. 'I missed you too but I need explanation...' Alli said. Harry just nodded and came further so she could sit and listen to the explanation.

'You know I changed from law to history?' Harry mumbled. Alli just nodded. 'My teacher says it will be a big step for me to learn the months that I missed so the teacher made a project for me and the others... So I pick up the lessons in a project. He sees some talent in me to be an actor so that's why I had to go, for my talent and to have a carreer love. I really love you. I want to take you with me but you can't do it.' 

'Why can't I go to France?' Alli questioned. 'You have to study. We will see each other in the weekends. I promise love.' Harry said and put his hands on Alli's cheeks. 'I promise. Maybe you can go by plane to France or I can come to England again. I promise we can do this together.' Harry continued. Alli hugged him. 

'You promise?' Alli said. 'I promise.' Harry said and hugged his girlfriend. He kissed her slowly, passionated, romantic,... Just like a fairytale. 'I love you Harry Styles.' Alli whispered. 'I love you Alli.' Harry said and his hand went trough her long hair.

They intertwined their fingers and walked to a restaurant to celebrate that the argument is solved again. Harry told Alli about the details of the movie. 'You have to cut my hair then when I'm going to France. The soldier haven't got that long hair.' Harry announced. 'Okay, then I'll do that, if you really want.' Alli just answered. 

They ate something and after the restaurant, Harry showed her all the stars in the sky. 'Look the brightest star is like you, but you are more beautiful.' Harry said and wrapped his arms around Alli while laying on a blanket. 'You're so sweet Haz. ' She said and kissed him passionately. 

A day later but now it is the side of Niall and Sophie

'You're really stopping it? You're really going to the army? You're crazy Horan! I love you! You will be killed!' Sophie cried and yelled. 'I know but I do this for the country.... All together for the UK. This carreer is something for me. What I have studied was nothing for me love. The army is the best thing for us. I will earn more, I can take care of you while you're studying...' Sophie was more mad... 'Take care of me? Really? You're going to a country and let me alone? Really?' Sophie yelled and pushed him away when he wanted to take her in his arms. 

'No Niall I don't wanna hear your excuses. I thought we were forever... but you really want to the army... And then I'm widow... You need to learn one thing: I love you and that's all what matters... A good job not abroad and what can kill you.' Sophie tried to explain. She yelled so hard that Alli knocked on the door. Niall opened the door. 'Not the best time Alli. ' Niall said and wanted to close the door. 

'No let her in so she can say how stupid you are Horan.' Sophie yelled. 'What's going on?' Alli questioned and opened her arms for her best friend. 'come here.' She whispered. 'He wants to leave me for the army... He quits his studies and then going to the army. Fighiting abroad...' Alli was a bit shocked. Harry was already playing in a war movie and now Niall will be going to the army. Really? 

'Don't worry, I have the same stubborn man... But he's going to play for his studies in a war movie...'Alli sighted. 'Why does he have to do that?' Sophie cried. 'I'm still here?' Niall said. 

'Look at us... How happy we were?' Sophie said and grabbed her picture with Niall. 'I love you Niall and now you leave me for the army?' 'I don't leave you for the army. I will stay by your side.' He came closer. 

'Stay away. Go to your own room... I don't need you anymore Niall if you wanna go away to fight... ' Sophie said and pushed him to the door. 'Away!' She yelled when he wanted to wrap his arms around her. She hit his stomach with her fists. She cried. 'I think you need to leave Niall. I'll tell you when you can come back or Sophie will send it to you.' Alli said. Niall just nodded and walked away. He was very sad. 

'Hey mate!' Harry said when he saw Niall standing in the corridor. 'Hey.' Niall answered. 'What's up?' 'Sophie... She doesn't agree my decision to go to the army.' 'I didn't see that in you but good luck. I'll make a war movie in France for my History project for school. I'm gonna be an actor.' Harry announced proudly.

'Great to hear man! I'm happy for you. I hope Sophie will understand my decision... I want to take care of her with the army... ' Niall said and showed Harry a ring, the ring which was for a proposal. Before I would leave the country I would like to marry Sophie... I wanted to make her mine... But I don't think that will happen... ' Niall sighted. 

'Time will heal wounds. Believe me. Alli had to get used to the idea of France too. She was furious when I told her it but it was worth it.' Harry assured him. He hugged Niall. 'Everything will be alright. And if you don't believe look at Liam and Louis. They got their girlfriends and you know Louis is a disaster.' He laughed. 

'what about me?' Louis appaered in the corridor. 'Nothing , I just had to cheer up Niall so I used you.' Harry mumbled to Louis. 'Thank you for using me Styles.' Louis said irritated. 'You're welcome Tommo.' He laughed. 


For the fans of between these walls I wanna give them a chance to play a role into the story. 

What's the idea?

I'm thinking of two possibilities: 

1. Make a 'next chapter' or a 'prediction' what will happen later on the story. Think what you want in the story. 

2. Describe yourself in an orginal way into the 'story' So made a sort of chappie with you in it where you describe yourself a bit as well(the inside and the outside) while you're playing in it with the other characters. I would like to know : age, name, eventually hobby or funny facts, how you are (social, funny,... ) 

the outside: eyes, hair, small, tall , ... 

How to do this ?  

2 options: 

1. Make a movella with one chappie  and call it ' ... Contest Between these walls ' and post it here in the comments the link to the story or just react when you have it so I can read it. 

2. put your chappie as a comment. 

When do you know the result? The deadline: 

I think after 11 August (because from 31 july until 11 august I'm going to a camp) so give you enough time to think and to be in the contest. I'll let you personally on a comment or on a mumble that you're the winner! 


I hope you like it and I hope I can give you a role in the story xxx Eline

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