Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

Cover made by my official cover maker mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


19. Chapter 18

'You're serious?' Sophie said to her best friend. 'I'm 100% sure.' Sophie just yelled when Alli conformed it. 'I knew you and Harry would be an amazing couple. Living together is a big step for you both but I was 100% sure you could do it. I can imagine the little babies of you two.' Sophie giggled. 'Stop dreaming please, I'm not ready for kids only for living together.' Alli was happy with her decision, finally after two - three months the decision. Harry could convince her. Actually his first idea, living together and if we are tired of it, or need privacy we can be on our own. But Alli wasn't tired of seeing Harry. The feeling became more and more. More Love, more Passion. Yes, Love and Passion with a capital. 

'How's your love life going, Soph?' 'Amazing, I'm going to the prom with Niall. I'm thinking of a big future with him... I think we will be later moving together. I'm 100% sure. Sometimes I'm thinking of children after my studies.' 'OOOOH!' Alli yelled when Sophie was blushing. 'What are the boys doing now? Did Niall tell you what they will be doing ?' Alli asked. 'No, they were mysterious about it. It's so stupid!' Sophie sighted.

'Indeed, we need to find a way to know what they are doing.' Alli said and before she finished that sentence, someone knocked on the door. 'Beautiful boys on the door.' A voice said. And you never could guess it, but the beautiful boys were Niall and Harry with a bouquet of flowers, roses to be exactly. 

'Oh, so beautiful.' the girls could only say about it. Alli was full of tears. 'Hey love don't cry.' Harry said and took her in his arms. 'I'm crying of happiness baby.' Alli said. 'I'm so happy with you. Too happy.' Harry's smile was from ear to ear. 'I'm happy that I could make you the happiest girl ever. I'm sure this evening will be happy as well.' 'You weren't planning with Niall about that?' Alli laughed. He just nodded. 'That's why I had to go to Sophie!' Harry just laughed. 'Sorry babe, I just wanted to surprise you.' Harry said and kissed her hair. 

'Come on Harry, take her home. So I can spend my lost time with my girlfriend.' Niall said as a joke. 'Let's go love.' Harry said and went to their own room. Rose petals on the ground. 'Happy anniversary.' Harry said. 'We aren't a year together?' Alli asked. 'No but almost a year and it deserves something.' Harry said and gave her her present. A necklace with his initials.

'That's beautiful Haz.' She said and put it around her neck. 'I know how to spoil you.' He laughed and hugged her. Before she was sitting in the couch, she saw a card. Not a common card. A card with 'Dunkirk' on it. 'Haz, what's going on?' She said and pointed to the card. He sighted.

'It's not what you think it is.' 'You're moving ?' She cut him off. 'It's for school. We're doing a history project and to understand the war better we have to do an audition for Dunkirk , a new movie about the war. I have no choice babe. I'm going for at least a year to France for that movie. And I have to cut my curls again...' 'What?! And you're telling it me now?' 'I knew it a few days ago... I'm sorry.' Harry said and almost cried. 

'I heard enough Harry...' Alli said grabbed her stuff and walked to Sophies room. She had enough of drama, he was going to France, without her and alone.... Why couldn't he say that immediately and now when they're enjoying something. He planned a date and then this...

She knocked on Sophies door. She heard Sophie saying 'I'm coming.' Sophie saw a sad best friend. She held her in her arms. 'Come on, what's going on? ' 'Harry will leave me... He is going to France... He just messed up the date with that news...' 'What?! That's so horrible, come in girl.' Sophie said and showed Alli the way to the living room. Niall was looking at Alli. 

Sophie mouthed that Harry was going to France. 'Maybe I should go, you need some time with a best friend, I see.' Niall said. 'You can stay if you want, I messed up your whole date with your girlfriend... Thanks to my boyfriend.' Alli said. 'Don't say that.' Sophie said. 'It's true, I messed it up... Why could Harry do this?' Alli cried.

She grabbed a photo of her and Harry. 'I love him with whole my heart... And now it looks like nothing has happened... Just nothing...' 

Smiling faces, crazy faces,... That was Halli. But now it's over... 'Can I stay the night here? I'm going tomorrow to my parents... I travel then for school.' 'Alli, please don't do that for Harry. Talk about it and you will solve it. You can stay the night here but don't you dare to go home for him.' Sophie warned her. 

New chappie! Yay! Maybe a short but I hope you like it. I finally got some inspiration for it. I thought why not add the short haircut and Dunkirk the movie in it. It will have something bad/good on the story. I hope you like it!

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