Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

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16. Chapter 15

Alli broke her head about the question moving in together... Harry couldn't help her with it... Laying in his arms made the choice much more difficult as well. She loved being with him but wouldn't it too much moving in together? Sharing everything? Now they got their own place if they want some time alone. 

Sophie and Niall enjoyed being together, even without moving in together. Time will decide that if they are ready for it, but now they have each other and it doesn't matter how  they do it. Niall planned some dates for Sophie, he got some jewels for her, gave her presents... Made her the happiest girl ever... And Sophie was just herself and made Niall happy, sometimes give him a new shirt, sleepover,... Everything could make Niall happy. 

Sophie had a plan for a project as photographer to bring some people together. The date project, a mysterious plan which could make it possible to bring Eleanor and Louis together just as Danielle and Liam. 'We have to do this Niall. They are great together. It's a promise from me to them...' Sophie begged her boyfriend. 'You're too sweet you know that?' Niall just answered. 'Yes, I know that's why I do this.' She pushed the phone into Nialls hands just like the number of a photo studio. 

'Call them to fix a photoshoot there for tomorrow so we can go to step two. I'll convince the girls, you the boys. Say that I have participated for a contest of photography. I'll pay that studio so if they say a price, tell it me so I know what to pay.' Sophie was so creative. She ran outside her room going to Eleanor. 'El! Please open up your door!' She giggled. 

'What are you doing here?' Eleanor opened the door a little bit tired. 'I'm inviting you.' Sophie said happy. 'And because?' Eleanor said a bit arrogant. 'You know I am a bit interested in photography. I found a contest for it and I need 2 girls and 2 boys, so I beg you please help me. You're my last hope.' Sophie begged like it was like that but it wasn't. 

'And when do you need me?' Eleanor asked. 'Tomorrow but Niall is fixing for me the photo studio while I'm trying to convincing my models.' Sophie winked. 'Nice that Niall wants to do that for you. But who are the other ones?' 'Louis, Liam and Danielle. Alli was too busy with Harry so I want to ask Danielle and Liam for it. Please do it for me?' Sophie begged. 

'Okay, if Louis is there I'm there as well.' She giggled a bit. 'That's great! You're my angel! If I can do something for you, you can count on me!' Sophie yelled back when Eleanor closed the door. Sophie walked to the next door Danielle. Danielle opened the door with a smile. 'Hey lovely. What's up?' She asked friendly. 'You know I'm into photography.'

'Yes, sweetie. Come to the point.' 'I've signed up for a contest and I need some models. 2 girls and 2 boys, so I thought , if you could help me?' 'Who are the others?' 'Eleanor, Louis and Liam.' 'Liam? Are you sure he'll do that?' 'Niall will convince him for me.' Sophie winked. 'I hope he can, I don't think he isn't that helpful to play a model as me or Eleanor. But to help you out. I want to play a model. ' 'You're fantastic.' Sophie hugged Danielle and hugged her.

Sophie ran to her room where Niall was finally done with calling. 'Tomorrow 2PM.' He mentionned. Sophie texted it to the girls while Niall did his tour to the boys to convince them. After an hour, Niall arrived again where Sophie was. 'I owe you something.' Niall said. 'Of course.' Sophie said and kissed him. 'You're a hero. It's thanks to you that they will be a couple.' Sophie said and pushed Niall into his bed. 'What are you doing?' ' Nothing you have to sit there while I organize the rest of it.' Sophie said. 

Sophie was calling young parents for a baby and some baby stuff. Sophie knew a few people who got a baby so it wasn't a problem and people who could lend her a wedding dress. Sophie made sure she had the sizes of her models. Everything was fixed, fixed for tomorrow! 

Hi, new chappie! Sorry that's it's a bit short maybe but I wanted to make the photoshoot in a new chappie, to make that long enough ;) My exams are done so I'll try to write further on this and further writing of Lillybelle (another book here on Movellas, that I have created.) 

I hope you like it! xxx Eline

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