Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

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15. Chapter 14

'Hurry Harry we'll be late if you procrastinate we can't do this anymore.' Alli said, out of breath, starting to think about her words. 'Honey, it will be alright don't hurry. Don't rush.' Harry answered and smiled. He took her hand and walked to the building. Cameras were flashing. You could feel like your one of the superstars in heaven. 

'Harry come on!' Alli whined. 'Niall and Sophie are already here. We need to go to the second level. Let's go to the elevator!' Alli ran because she was late , of course, thanks to Harry. 'Come on honey, you'll great. Don't be stressed out.' 'Haz, it's important to me.' Alli said when they stepped into the elevator. 'Ping', a sign that they have reached their destination. 'Contest room.' Harry read from a sign on a door. 

'That's where we have to be.' They went inside. 'Sophie!' Alli yelled and hugged her best friend when they saw each other. 'Ready for it, make up and hair star of the year?' Sophie giggled. 'Mmm... I'm a bit afraid.' Alli said. 'Contestants please stand on your places.' The boss of all this said. 

Alli got a lot of support, her boyfriend which was her model as well, her best friend her make up model and Niall. And not to forget her family. 'First we start with the styling of a boy. You all have your models, do their hair and if they need some styling do that too.' They announced. 'Ready set go! You got 30 minutes.' 

Fortunately, Harry got long hair again. 'Ready honey?' Alli smiled. Harry nodded and took place on a chair in front of Alli. 'I love you Harry.' Alli said which made Harry smile. She cut his hair in a quiff. 

'It's amazing!' Sophie announced when Alli was done with Harry's hair. 'I know my babe can cut peoples hair like no one can!' Harry couraged his girlfriend. 'Thank you Haz.' Harry could finally get a kiss. 'A few minutes to go contestants...' Time was ticking and ticking. Alli was so scared for the results. 'And stop! Lay down your scissors, brushes, combs, whatever you have in your hands.'  They announced. The judges were walking around the room to watch the results.

'Quite special for a boy with curls.' The female judge said to Alli. 'Creativity I like that. It's a good made quiff. I think that's difficult with that kind of hair.' The male judge said and they walked further. 'Good impression Summerhood.' Sophie said and winked. 

After waiting and waiting for it, they finally got the results. 'Place number three is for.... Allison Jackson! Place number twoo is for Lilly Atkins. And place number one is finally for Allison Summerhood!' Allison's team was yelling so loud. 'Congrats you all. You are all winners. Let's go to the make up test.' The judges announced. 'Come on Soph. Sit down.' Alli said to her friend. 

'One, two three Start again!' They announced. Alli did what she had practiced. When everyone was done the judge did her walk again, and as usual the judge had good points for Alli. So no wonder she succeeded this test as well as first. Two awards in one day! Amazing. 'You won lovely.' Harry said when Alli couldn't believe her eyes. Harry kissed her on her forehead. 

She took her prizes and all of the friends went back to the building. Harry was a bit nervous. He had something to announce as well. A whole plan. When they sat down into Alli's room, he took a breath and started talking. 

'Alli?' 'Yes, Haz?' 'I have to tell you. I've thought about it and I think it's something nice... I'm thinking about next schoolyear to move into your studio or you have to move into mine. Or we are going to find an appartment for us two. Living together makes us happy. Believe me.' Alli was a bit shocked. What should she answer? Yes or no. 

'Haz, let me please think about it for a few weeks. This is a decision of our lives...You couldn't change that decision for me.' She answered. 

Tum tum tum ... A new chapter, you like it ? Because of exams I won't write a lot coming up weeks (but I got a bit of inspiration but sorry for not writing a lot. I love you all) xx Eline 


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