Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

Cover made by my official cover maker mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


14. Chapter 13

After a week the holidays were done. Everyone went back to the building. Alli, Harry, Niall, Sophie and Louis, Danielle, Eleanor and Liam as well. School was calling them, all of them. 'Hello my lawyer.' Alli welcomed her boyfriend and let him in her room. 'Hi my hairdresser, make up artist and accountant.' She laughed when eh said that. 'That's a long carreer.' She answered. He cut her off with a kiss. 

'So that's a good welcome.' Alli smiled. 'You're ready for your haircut Styles?' Alli asked. 'I'm ready, honey. You can do it.' He said and placed a kiss on her forehead. She hoped he could have a good haircut thanks to her because she had to cut a few inches of his hair for wigs for cancer. It's generous what he does. She made everything ready. A chair, a bowl with water, a glass, scissors,... 

She first washed his hair. Soft fingers massaged his head. 'I like this.' He said and grinned. 'This stops within a few minutes Styles.' 'Can't I get this massages no more?' He pouted. 'We will see.' She giggled. When she was done with washing his hair. She made sure it was a bit dry, made a ponytail with the inches he wanted to be cut off and made sure it was enough inches for a wig. 

'You're really sure?' She asked. 'If you ask it all the time, I can change my mind. However, you can do it.' He said and grabbed her hand and kissed it. 'Okay, there we go.' She cut of the ponytail and put it in an envelop.Then she went further with his haircut.  She curled it a bit and when she was done she showed it him in a mirror. 'Wow, that a metamorfose but a great one.' He said and put Alli on his lap and kissed her. 'Thank you honey.' He said and stroked her cheek. 

'You're welcome.' She said and cleaned everything up. Harry helped a bit. 'I hope I'm still sexy.' Harry grinned. 'You're always sexy, bald, short hair , long hair. You're just the best and the sexiest boy.' Alli answered him and gave him a kiss on his nose. 

'Do you stay the night here?' Alli asked. 'MMM I can't say no to my lady.' He said. 'What do we eat then?' He asked as well. 'A Pizza?' 'A pizza then for my lady. I'll call the pizza boy. The same as usual?' Harry asked and grabbed his phone to order. 

While Alli was cleaning her floor, and made sure her hair stuff was placed where it belonged, the pizza boy came and pushed the doorbell. Harry opened the door and paid. 'You don't have to pay.' Alli said when she betrayed him of paying the bill of the pizza boy. 'I pay for you honey, you deserve it.' He winked and kissed her forehead softly. 

'Can you sleep today next to me?' Harry asked while eating a piece of his pizza. 'MMM...' She said with a mouth full of pizza. 'If you can't keep your hands off me and my private places.' She teased him. 'That's a hard task but I will if that's the only reason why you wouldn't sleep next to me.' He said. 

Alli gave him a kiss while she got some tomato sauce on her face from the pizza. So he got a tomato mouth too. Quite cute so Harry decide to take a picture of them both. 'Hazz!' She giggled and tried to hid her face into his arms. 'Babe!' He yelled back. 

After eating a pizza, they tickled and teased each other. When it became late, they decided to sleep. He in his boxers, she in her PJ's. Lying next to each other, his arms around her body, like a wall around a castle or something precious. 


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