Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

Cover made by my official cover maker mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


11. Chapter 10

The weekend went well, Alli and Harry were happy again. Her parents accepted Harry but were disappointed how he had reacted to their daughter. It had hurt her, and who have hurt their daughter... You know they want to protect their daughter but if she's happy, they're happy. 

Quite normal... For Sophies parents it was the same but good for Niall they were like a second family for him. Yasmine accepted her sisters boyfriend, her parents opened their arms for Niall. That was amazing!

The weekend and the next week went very fast , before they knew it was time to go to Ireland for Sophie and Niall. 'Come on Niall, we're missing your plane if you wait like this...' Sophie sighted and put her luggage in the cab because Nialls car will be standing on the parking lot next to the building, not at the airport. 'I'm here I'm here.' Niall yelled and ran to the cab with his luggage. He put the luggage where it belonged in the cab and stepped in and looked at his beautiful girl. 

'I can't believe it. Going with my girlfriend to my homecountry, my home town.' He said and stroked Sophies hair.  'Believe it babe, believe it.' She said and kissed him. 'Let's go to the airport.' She said and laid her head on his shoulder. 

'Hazza, please, I have to go... don't hold me the whole time... I have to go...' Alli begged. 'But I don't wanna miss you.' Harry said. 'It's holiday again, maybe you can come some days or I can come to you?' Alli proposed. 'It's promise?' Harry said while Alli went trough his hair... It became long and long , so after a few days, Alli would cut it so he can send his ponytail to make a wig for people who have or have had cancer. It was sweet that he wanted to do that. 

'See you later then Hazz?' Alli asked and kissed her boyfriend. 'I'll text you!' He promised and kissed her a few times before she went away with her luggage. If she left the environment, he grabbed his luggage too and drove alone to his mom. 'I already miss you Alli.' He whispered in his car, even if Alli couldn't hear it. Alli wasn't a flirt like all the other girls. She was special for him. More than anyone could be... 

Alli was thinking about her future. It went very well with Harry, maybe the next step could be sleeping together or not? She was thinking about it, get rid of all the disadvantages or the insecurities... Harry was patiently waiting for everything, he respected her finally so she thought it would be time for her to take some steps again like she did weeks ago to kiss him... 

She looked to a picture, her and Harry kissing. And when she arrived at home , she ran upstairs with her luggage and put her luggage on her bed and looked trough the window.

Imagine that his hair was longer than this because this is a beautiful picture but I can't find a lot of those where he got long hair kissing someone ;)

Harry had placed his phone against a wall and had put a time on it. It made it special, magical and lovely. 'I love you Harrold Styles... I'll try to go further with you, only for you...' Alli whispered. Her mom opened the door. 'Honey, we're going to eat.' She announced. 'Okay, I'll come.' Alli answered and let her mom leave her room.

She was looking to her phone and sent her boyfriend a message: 

My beautiful curly, when can we be together? Maybe you can sleep at my place or I at yours? Let me know... I miss you enormously... Still looking at our kissing picture you took with your phone against the wall.. XXX Your lovely Alli <3


She put a smile on her face, put her phone in her pocket and ran downstairs to eat something. 'Niall hurry, plane is almost ready to flight.' Sophie whined. Niall sighted because the luggages were too heavy. Sophie helped Niall a bit so they didn't have to hurry again. When they sat in their plane, Niall gave his hand to Sophie and lifted up Sophies hand and kissed it. 'You're my favourite girl.' He smiled. 'I hope so because I'm your girlfriend.' She said and laughed. 

'The only girl I'll love more, is our daughter if we have one.' He said proud. Like nothing could stop them, nobody would every whine about them, break them,... They're too strong to break up... 'Awh you're so sweet Nialler.' Sophie said and placed a kiss on his temple. 'Go to sleep honey, you're tired, I see it in your eyes... I'll wake you up when we're landing, so you can be soon to your brother and nephew. ' Sophie said. Niall laid his head on her shoulder while Sophie was stroking his hair. It calmed her down. After some minutes she fell asleep too. 

After an hour or more flying, they arrived Ireland. 'Finally Ireland' Niall said and woke up and placed a kiss on Sophies head. 'You'll finally see my lovely family. They will see you as family too like your parents and sister did when I was at yours.' He said enthusiastic. He ran out of the plane with Sophie, actually pulled Sophie out of the plane. Then he waited for his luggage and Sophies and then he ran to his dad and mum. Sophie never saw him like this. He was a family man. 'Mom!' He yelled and pulled Sophie further to his family. He hugged his mom and dad and introduced Sophies as his girlfriend. 

'Nice to meet you.' His parents said and let them step into their car. Waiting for Theo, it was a hard task for Niall but Sophie helped him. 'Theo is already at home.' Maura, Nialls mom said. 'So we're going to Greg's house if it's okay, he knows that we're coming.' Bobby, Nialls dad added. Niall smiled and nodded. 

Harry was looking into his stuff at home when he got the message from Alli. 'Tomorrow? Or is it too soon? I miss you too baby...

After some minutes at least 15 minutes, he got an answer. It's okay for me. At yours or at mine? I look forward for it :) xxxx

Allis heart melted for it and she decided to go to him and asked her parents to go to Harry. She could go. She packed everything for tomorrow and decided to go to bed. It would be a nice day tomorrow. While Alli did all the things she needed to do, Niall and Sophie could finally meet Theo in Ireland. 

Niall stepped out and ran to the door while Nialls parents and Sophie were slowly walking to the door. Greg opened the door and hugged his brother thightly. He greeted everyone and let everyone in. Sophie was impressed how the family could see her already like a sister or a daughter. 'Theo.' Niall said with a smile on his face when he saw his newborn nephew in the arms of Denise, his sister-in-law. 

'Can I hold him?' Niall said a little bit stressed. 'Of course. Go sit down and I will give him to you.' Denise said and Niall obeyed. 'Be careful of his head please. He's a bit weak now.' Denise said a bit like a worried mom. 'I'm okay, Denise.' Niall said. Sophie sat next to him and made sure the baby was in safe hands. Denise was happy that Sophie did that. 'Hi little one. I already love you. I'm so happy you can on Earth.' Niall said proud. 

'Do you want to hold him too Sophie?' Denise asked after Niall held his nephew half an hour. 'Oh, yeah if it's okay for you and Greg and of course Niall. I understand it if you want to give him only to family and I think Niall is obsessed of him.' Sophie laughed. 'It's okay, you're family now since you've got a relation with our blondie.' Greg laughed. 'Hey!' Niall said. 'Sorry bro, I'm just making a joke about your blonde hair. I still like it.' His brother said and rubbed in it. Denise took Theo in her arms again after Niall had held him. Now Denise laid him in Sophies hands. 

Niall could only dream of that feeling, he could imagine him and Sophie with children. It would be an amazing feeling. 'Yeah, you're a good boy.' Sophie said and kissed Theo on his head and he made a little noise that he liked it. 

'Want to be a mommy?' Niall said naughty with his eyebrows two times up and down. 'No horan, first university then I'll see, if you want children now, search someone else.' She smiled. 'I love children but now it's studying for a good job so we can take care of children later on.' She winked to Niall. 'Now you can practise on Theo.' She joked. 'I will, I will.' Niall said and looked to Greg who would absolutely love it if they need a babysit and  Niall can babysit. 

Niall was Theos godfather too. You could already guess that he would spoil that boy. Someone should stop him then. Only Sophie could and would but actually she don't wanna stop him because she's in love with that little boy too. 

In her mind she could find scenarios of her and Niall having a child. How they spoil their children, how they react to them... 'Now Theo has to go to his dad. His dad misses him.' Greg said and took Theo out of Sophies hands. Greg placed a kiss on Theos head. After a long visit and dinner Sophie, Niall and Nialls parents left Gregs house and went home to Nialls parents house. 

When they came home they watched some TV and after that Niall and Sophie went to Nialls old bedroom. 'Cute.' Sophie said and placed a kiss on Nialls cheek. Then they changed into their PJ, actually Niall changed into his boxers and then they slept next to each other, dreaming about what will happen later. 

Exams are over since yesterday(saturday), so I will try to write more. I hope you like this new chapter. I tried to make a good chapter now that he exams are over so I hope you will like it :) xxxx Eline :)

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