My Best Suicidal Friend

About my best friend who's story new to be told.


1. 1

His name is Nezumi Aiden Gesshuru. Surprisingly he's not Japanese. We met when I was 10 years old. He was older than I was by 8 months. He has a huge family, 10 older brothers, an older sister, and a younger. I loved to be around him, he was so happy and spontaneous and caring. He was my best friend.

When we got older (he was 15) people got jealous. The guys at school called him names and tripped him, using his clumsiness as an advantage, the girls would whisper and snicker when he walked by. Sometimes he ended up at my house crying on my bed. I didn't know what to do. Because his birthday was the end of June, he ended up a year ahead of me in school and at the time I was in 8th grade.

This is the reason I hate lies. If you tell a lie enough times people believe the lie as truth. They convinced him to hate himself. He never ate and if he did he threw up after word. I've force fed him on multiple occasions. He had cuts up and down his arms, legs, and what was left of his stomach.

This was around the time of his first suicide attempt, lucky for us the rope broke. It was almost to late and he was in the ER for a month. In that time someone (I have yet to find out who did this, but once I do I will put them through the same pain Nezi went through) started a rumour that Nezi was gay and had had sex will half the guys at school.

School ended so after that, the rumour didn't. If he saw anyone from school they would laugh at him and wouldn't leave him alone until it did no good, most of the time Nezi just passed out from exhaustion and malnourishment.

Nothing was worse than seeing him like that, you can trust me on this one.

He attempted suicide 6 more times that I know of. Probably a lot more he never told me about. Another friend of ours was a little fed up (and by a little I mean a lot) and decided to check on him randomly. I went on one of these checkups when I was in my sophomore year and his bedroom door was locked. Luckily our friend could pick locks, because he liked stuff like that.

We found Nezi in tears with a gun by his head, his finger on the trigger. After a lot of yelling, crying, and swearing, a lot of swearing, we managed to get the gun away from him and calm him down.

The next morning I forced him to come over to my house again. We sat next to the computer and I told him I didn't care if he was gay or straight or a Legolas Gimli love child, I cared if he was alive. And I introduced him to Tyler Oakley. That was the first time I had seen him smile probably since I was in 7th grade. Then he cried, and I almost yelled at him, until he told me why. He said that he was stupid for wanting to die when this guy was so happy and openly gay and obviously did NOT care what ANYONE thought.

Exactly a week later, Nezi told me he was actually gay (although a virgin so the rumours were at least half fake). Things only went uphill from there.

I set him up on a blind date and now they're a couple. Nezumi isn't obviously gay, but very open about, especially after he watched Troye's coming out video. He likes making fun of himself for fun, like every time he does something someone would call gay he just says, "Yes, 'tis getting homosexual in my presence." He laughs more than ever now. He loves to joke and is very fun to be around, even if his still self-conscious and a bit insecure.

He let's his arms show, but never his stomach. He has an insanely fast metabolism so he really never gained weight back. His ribs and hipbones are still very exposed even though he eats more than a fat tumblr girl smoking weed. He doesn't like talking about high school to anyone and avoids the subject in any and every way possible.

(He's also a big fan of 5SOS. His favorite is Mike.)

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