The Clash of the Stars

When a Star Wars convention happens and Star Trek fans gate crash, an all out battle of the stars breaks out. [Annabeth Shadownight's idea; She's writing Star Wars, Prodigy is writing Star Trek]
*credit to River Summers for the cover*


7. Star Wars

Ciara sighed as she watched the Star Wars fans. She wished it wasn't like this. She paced along the balcony. There was something strange going on. She bent down as a surge of pain seared through her head. The Force. Ciara stood up as the Star Trek Fans were overwhelmed. Using the Force she grabbed a Microphone and turned it on. 

"Can the Star Trek leader come up to the Balcony, Alone, and with no weapons, I will be waiting, if you do not come in the next five minutes, my second will order an attack." She said "and all of you Star Wars fans who are turning to the Dark Side, unless you are a Sith move away and stay indoors, while I talk with the Star Trek leader. Thank You" she's turned off the microphone and waited. 

Four minutes later a guy in a yellow T-Shirt appeared at the top of the stairs. 

"You're there leader, they should of chosen a better one then Kirk" She sighed "Oh well I guess he is a leading Character in the movies"

"Hey, Kirk is Awesome. Who are you?. Wait what are you?" Kirk asked

"Unlike you I have read and watched Star Trek and own some of the books Have you watched any Star Wars Movie or read any of the books. Anyway I am a Jedi Knight and Master"

"Why did you attack us?"

"First give me your blaster or phaser whatever it is" Kirk reluctantly handed over his Phaser that had become very real "You attacked Star Wars Celebration 2015. Comic-con is next week, where it is only Star Trek and Star Wars, and I have no control over anyone here, all of their Blasters are set to stun"

A blast came from down below, Ciara stood up and walked towards the balcony and shouted. 

"Order 66 hasn't occurred yet you are still a Clone Trooper" Ciara walked back towards Kirk "I am glad there are no Palpatine's here other wise there would be no Clone Troopers"

"I thought it was Comic-Con" Kirk said 

"it was accidentally advertised as that, but it is Star Wars Celebration" 

"Wait, your the girl that created the first real lightsaber, you were on the news"

"yep" Ciara confirmed "Something Strange has occurred, a disturbance, something that is making us like our characters or what we are..."

Ciara stopped in mid sentence as blasts came from all directions. Activating her lightsaber she deflected the blasts, she used the force and gathered the now real weapons from the people below. "When I say Stand down, Stand down" she shouted her lightsaber still a blazing she de-activated it. She turned to look at Kirk. 

"Why did you bring me here?" Kirk asked 

"To discus a Diplomatic solution, I am a Jedi, Guardian of Peace and Justice in the Star Wars Universe, Star Trek came first as a TV show in the nineteen sixties but Star Wars Released first as a Film in nineteen seventy-seven" 

"Star Wars fans attacked me"

"They are probably the Sith and the Star Wars fans you call crazed they would probably stun you, if their blasters were on stun" 

"But why?"

"Let me see you attacked a Star Wars Convention in Star Trek uniform, and something Strange is occurring in the Force"

"What is the Force?"

"The thing that binds everything together, it's confusing"

"Lets get to the point, Okay What do you want?" Kirk asked 

"For you to stand down and leave, it is the Star Wars Celebration" Ciara Concluded 

"We will never stand down"

"The reason I took your Blaster is, no Jedi shall harm the unarmed, so if you are unarmed I will not attack you" Ciara stated "but now you have made a grave decision not to go peacefully, we will give you an hour to leave or I will call a Star Cruiser, You can get a Enterprise Ship and we will head up there and attack. I recommend somewhere away from the solar system somewhere like Tatooine"

Ciara watched as Kirk turned on his heel and marched down the stairs. Ciara used the Force to give Kirk back his phaser which he had forgotten.

"I hope you make the right choice Kirk I sure hope you do" with that Ciara turned and watched the Battle unfold. 






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