The Clash of the Stars

When a Star Wars convention happens and Star Trek fans gate crash, an all out battle of the stars breaks out. [Annabeth Shadownight's idea; She's writing Star Wars, Prodigy is writing Star Trek]
*credit to River Summers for the cover*


2. Star Trek

Six hours earlier


   Jake knocked insistently on the wooden door until at last it opened. He stepped into the apartment and clapped his friend on the shoulder. “You know what day it is?”

    Gary rubbed his eyes tiredly. “October...twentieth?”

    Jake grinned. “It’s comic con!” He shoved a blue uniform shirt at his friend. “Go get dressed. Richard and Alice will be here in a minute. Or should I say Chekov and Uhura?” 

    All Jake got in return was a flat stare. “You’re insane.” Gary walked away and closed the door to his room in order to change. That did not, however, stop Jake from chattering.

    “You know that we have to act like our Star Trek characters today, right? We have to embody them, we have to become one with them,” he said wistfully, leaning against the closed the door. “Hear that, Gary? You’ve got to mind-meld with the Vulcan. Spock it up.”

    Gary yanked open the door which Jake was leaning on, and he fell, stumbling to catch his balance. “Yeah, and I’m pretty sure Kirk didn’t talk as much as you. Or as fast,”  Gary pointed out. “And he was definitely less annoying.”

    Jake brushed himself off and shrugged. “We’re not there yet, are we? Here,” he said, dumping two plastic, pointed ears, a replica tricorder, phaser and communicator into Gary’s hands. At the buzz of the intercom at the door, Jake rushed across the room. “That’s probably them, buzzing in at the lobby.” He pressed the button. “Hello?”

    “Beam me up, Kirk,” came the staticy voice from the other end. Jake grinned and pressed the button that admitted them into the lobby.

    “Energized,” he replied. 

    Gary simply shook his head. “You’re out of hand.”

    Jake wiggled his eyebrows. “What, too much emotion for you, Mr. Spock?”

    Gary sighed. In a few seconds, the door burst open and a man and woman in red uniforms came sauntering in. The girl had long dark hair piled atop her head and wore a short red uniform dress. Her makeup was flawlessly flamboyant. 

    “Well?” Jake asked, clapping his hands. “Are we ready?”

    “Is this everyone?” Richard asked.     

    “We’re meeting Bones and Scotty there,” Jake replied. “You need to work on the accent, Richard.”

    Richard rolled his eyes. “I’m not Chekov ‘til we get there.”

    “Then, by all means, let’s go!” Jake said. “You did rent the car from Enterprise, like I asked, right?”


    They hurried down the three flights of stairs to the apartment building’s lobby. Jake was in a rush out of excitement, whereas the others wanted to get out of the building before they were spotted looking ridiculous. When they were safely in the car, Chekov driving, of course, Jake spun around to look at Alice. “Hey Uhura, why don’t you give Bones a call? He was going to try and find a Sulu.”

     “Who do you mean by Bones?”

    “Doctor Leonard McCoy, of course.”

    Alice rolled her eyes. “I meant in real life. Who am I supposed to call?”

    “Oh, right. Brian Grant. Have his number?” Jake asked.


    “Here, I’ll get it for you...”

    “Why don’t you just call yourself?” Alice asked with a sigh. 

    Jake grinned. “You’re the communications officer. It’s your job.”

    Alice rolled her eyes again but made the call. “He’s found someone,” she reported a few minutes later.

    “Oh, fabulous.”

    “But there’s a problem,” Alice said hesitantly.

    Jake looked at her with an eager grin in his eye. “Nothing Kirk can’t solve.”

    “Right, well...”

    “What is it?” Gary broke in tiredly.

    Alice said, “It’s a Star Wars only convention. Apparently that was written in the real small print. But I guess the others are getting some hate for their trekkie costumes...”

    Jake’s face fell. “But Star Trek is, like, ten times better than Star Wars! No, twenty times better! They can’t do that! It should be a trek only con, then.”

    Alice shrugged. “Just reporting back, Captain.”

    Jake smiled. “Well, Kirk never let anything like rules stop him, did he?”

    “Oh, gosh,” Richard muttered. “What are you going to do?” he asked hesitantly.

    “We’re just going to  have to send in a landing party,” he said eagerly. “Chekov, set a course for the Grovehill convention center. Engage.”

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