"RUN!" Those were my sister's last words to me as she pushed me off towards the woods. That was the last time I saw her alive, I had to identify what was left of her. I went into an orphanage afterwards, and trained in secret to kill who had managed to murder my entire family. I vowed I would not kill myself until I kill them all. No one will get in my way, not even One Direction.

Has some adult scenes


7. chapter 5

In the closet I took off my disguise since people already know about me being Mystery Girl Hero. Cal had told everyone in the hall. Thankfully he hadn't told them I was a werewolf, other than his friends who were Luke, Michael, and Ashton. I drew for an hour before I decided I had to go to lunch.

I stepped out of the closet and went straight to my locker, thanking the universe that everyone was already at lunch. Even if it was only delaying the inevitable, I put my sunglasses in my locker and went to the lunch line.

They were serving pizza today so I grabbed three slices. I walked into the cafeteria when everyone was talking then it turned into pin drop silence. I made my way to the back table where I sit alone everyday and eat my lunch.

I sat down every pair of eyes in the room on me. I started to eat, but by the time I was on my third piece I was pissed off at them. I slammed the pizza down on the trey and screamed "Can't you guys stop staring at me?! Leave me alone! Let me be invisible, you've had no trouble doing that for the last four fucking years!!" With that I picked up the styrofoam trey and walked to the trash next to me and threw it away.

I walked angrily to Cal and his group who looked amazed while everyone else looked shocked. I glared at Cal and whispered to him "Thanks a lot dick! Why don't you go ahead and tell everyone everything about me! The only reason I didn't stay when the cops came was because I could be put to death by the supernatural world for saving those girls! Go ahead and grab a knife and kill me because I'm already dead by my world! Go ahead grab a fucking knife because you've already signed my death sentence!" He now looked shocked and guilty. I rolled my eyes at his cluelessness. I screamed "Why do you think I ran from the cops? Huh? Why do you think I wore a disguise?! Did you think it was for my own fucking amusement?!? Huh?! Say something you asshole!" He stayed quiet I looked at his friends who had heard everything they looked guilty too. I growled quietly so only they could hear "I could have killed you in the park but I didn't and now my life is at stake! I should never have saved those girls, and I never should have spared your lives." With that I sprinted out of the cafeteria and to my locker. I grabbed my stuff and went to the office. When I stepped into the office I saw two police officers and many reporters. "Fuck!" The two cops stepped forward and I stepped back. I shouted to Mrs.Nell "I don't feel good I'm going home!" and ran out of the office with everyone else at my heels. When I reached outside I easily outran them. I headed straight for my training building, and made it in ten minutes. I climbed up to Ms.H's window and sighed in relief before going into the apartment. "Ms.H?" I said as I looked into her room. She was sleeping, I looked at the clock it was 2:47. I went to her and lightly shook her, no response. I shook her harder still nothing. I got a worry sweat in my forehead and I checked her pulse. Nothing. Nothing indicating her heart was beating. I called 911 using anonymous, I do not want more trouble with them. I got on top of her and started doing CPR. For the first time in ten years tears were streaming down my face. "No, no, please God no. I can't lose her too." I sobbed. I kept doing CPR and mouth to mouth until the paramedics came and went got her. I rode in the ambulance with my hand in her now cold hand. I still cried over her when she went to the morgue. I had to identify her body. I cried softly "It's just like

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