"RUN!" Those were my sister's last words to me as she pushed me off towards the woods. That was the last time I saw her alive, I had to identify what was left of her. I went into an orphanage afterwards, and trained in secret to kill who had managed to murder my entire family. I vowed I would not kill myself until I kill them all. No one will get in my way, not even One Direction.

Has some adult scenes


6. Chapter 4

Oh this is not good! Oh, so so so not good. I looked Ito my backpack and got out my hoodie. I missed my leather jacket and beanie but this will have to do for now. Cause I left both of those items on the rooftop. I put on my hoodie and hoped people didn't watch the news but putting my hair up, sunglasses on, and hood up in case. I run to school which is only a mile away, and walk in trying to be as invisible as any other day. I walk to my locker carefully avoiding human contact. Even though I was early most of the people were already here. I put my backpack into my locker and grab my books. I put my earbuds in under my hoodie and listen to She Looks So Perfect by 5sos and make my way to English. I get there only to see Cal and Luke with two other guys at the front of the class. I had the urge to walk up to them and talk to them, but stopped myself.

They don't know Haley, they know the wolf, and not even that. I walked to the back of the classroom and sat down in my usual seat. I sat quiet until Mr.Russo came in. He took role and when he said my name I raised my hand. He stopped and said "Haley you know the rules no sunglasses on or hoods." I looked up and tried to come up with a lie. "Um.. But I have a headache." He said coldly "then go take some Advil in the nurses office." Asshole. "I can't period headaches don't go away with Advil." I said coolly. He turned a bright red and said "Um..uh, okay I gu-" he coughed and started taking role again.

I smiled and laughed quietly, then I felt eyes staring at me. When I looked up I saw Luke's, Cal's, and their friends staring at me smiling. I looked down quickly. And kept like that for the rest of the class. When it was over I left quickly, and went to my next class.

When I entered Math class Mrs.Rachel was already writing on the board a problem for us to solve. Nobody else was in the class yet so I said hi to Mrs.Rachel that way she wouldn't have to call my name.

I sat down at the back in the corner and got my notebook out. Thank god she isn't as strict as the rest of the teachers, I wrote down the problem and solved it in ten minutes. So now I sit waiting for the rest of the class to solve a college problem. In all honesty we will probably only have one problem today. I look up as someone sits next to me. What! It's Cal! I look down and doodle in my sketchbook.

My mind ends up drawing what happened this morning me being tied to a chair naked, me talking to Ms.H, me ripping the throat out of a guy, me growling at Cal and Luke, then me howling at the moon and Luke and Cal laughing, then I drew the boys faces when I walked in naked, then I drew Mr.Russo's face when I said what I said. When I finished drawing I noticed Cal had been watching me.

I quickly turned to him and saw his eyes were wide. I gulped "Uh, um, how long have you been watching me draw?" Hopefully he didn't see anything about the kidnappings or with them in it. He drew in a breath and said "Long enough, what do I call you? Wolf girl? Or how about Hero mystery girl?" Damn it I said "What do you mean?" I acted as if I had no idea what he meant.

He smiled and snatched my sketchbook before I could stop him. I got up and snatched it back from him but not before he saw all of the sketches I'd ever drawn in it.

My face turned red and I punched him in the jaw. I grabbed my books and ripped the math problem from my notebook and handed it to Mrs.Rachel while she helped Cal with his bloody lip. With that I stormed out, went to the janitors closet, locked the door, and drew.

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