"RUN!" Those were my sister's last words to me as she pushed me off towards the woods. That was the last time I saw her alive, I had to identify what was left of her. I went into an orphanage afterwards, and trained in secret to kill who had managed to murder my entire family. I vowed I would not kill myself until I kill them all. No one will get in my way, not even One Direction.

Has some adult scenes


5. Chapter 3

The male officers left shortly afterward, I looked at the girls "I have to go." I got up to leave and was almost to the door when I realized I was naked, with only my bag to cover my goods. Crap! I can't run for a half hour without getting some stares. I walked back to the girls. They looked at me with a thankful gaze. "Um, can I borrow some clothes?" One of the girls nodded her head and the others went around the room for some clothes.

When they found some clothes I was hesitant to take them. It turns out these girls weren't wearing that much when they were kidnapped. I sighed and took the most covering clothes which were, cut of jeans that went too short. Then an almost see through white shirt the only thing that it covered were my boobs, and not even that. It showed too much skin for my comfort. I used my long hair to cover my boobs and belly button which was also showing. And that was the most decent of their clothes! I grabbed my bag when the first one I saved said "Wait! Um, what do we tell the cops?" I smiled and opened the door "Tell them I left, they won't be able to catch me."

With that I disappeared into the darkness. I looked to my right and saw the cops, so I went left. Thank god it was still dark or people would surely of thought I was a hooker. I ran in the shoes I had on earlier, the blood had not gotten down there. I ran smiling to the park. I didn't even bother getting out of the clothes, I just ran and changed while doing it.

The Sun would come out in another hour so I could run for fifty minutes before I had to go home. Then hurry to school before I was late. I changed into a huge, silver, black furred, golden eyed wolf. I ran through the trees and howled. I spotted a squirrel and I ran after it.

I caught it and tore through it, savoring the blood. My favorite animal to hunt was something that fights back, not a weakling like this one but I like the blood. I heard something, and smelt the air. Humans! I turned around and saw two teen boys looking at me with wide scared eyes.

Something flashed and I growled, they took a picture of me! Crap on photo I'm a naked girl crouched over a dead squirrel with blood on my face. I'm so gonna regret this later. I walked up to them and stopped growling. They walked back still scared, I jumped on top of them and started licking their faces. Eww, even though they were kind of cute I don't like licking people. They stopped being scared and sat up petting me. I got off of them and grabbed their phones. The one with a lip piercing looked at me and realized what I was doing. "No, please no!" I kind of smiled and bit in tasting metal and glass. I spit out the phone while he just stood there shocked, I smugly smirked "Oh, quit it, you mutt." I growled crouching as if I was gonna pounce on him. He didn't see so his friend without looking away from me hit his arm. He looked up as I pounced on him "Cal help me." Cal just laughed harder and said "No way Luke you called her a mutt deal with the consequences." I got up and started to walk off. I turned around and howled I heard their laughter a mile away.

I went home running through allies. When I got to the back door of the orphanage I changed back into a girl. I opened the door trying to be as quiet as possible. Which turned out to be a monumental waste of time cause the boys were watching football and didn't bother looking at my naked body. I wasn't even halfway up when it cut to commercial. I kept going hoping they wouldn't notice, they did. They turned to me and their jaws dropped to the inner core of the earth as they stared at me. I used my bag to cover my vagina and my hair to cover my boobs. John then asked "Why are you naked right now, young missy?" That ass I'm only a month younger than him! "Oh, I was fucking my boyfriend and I lost my clothes." I said sarcastically.

Shane wrinkled his nose and laughed. He was the youngest of us all as he was 15. "Really?" I rolled my eyes "No Shane, I just don't want to talk about it okay?" I said it nicer than I would have to the others cause Shane is the youngest and still acts like he's in seventh grade. With that I walked upstairs and slammed the door shut. I sat on my bed for a couple minutes before getting up and getting into clothes. I grabbed my converse that were gonna be for next year and put them on.

I walked downstairs and started making breakfast. I made bacon and eggs for everyone. Yes, I cook for them too. It was the deal Ms.Calt and I made. I cook and we get larger portions, she cooks and we get normal portions. I got out the orange juice and six cups before calling the boys in and turning on the tv. Because we were the only ones here we could afford more cool stuff.

I sat down and poured my orange juice before eating the food that completely covered my plate. I was eating eggs and bacon when I heard the news reporter Kyle say "Yes, this morning five girls were abducted and rescued, but bit before four of them were raped. The eight men who had done this were killed by the fifth girl, who had done this all with her bare hands. This is an interview with one of the young girls." I gulped down my food listening intently now and whispered "Shit!" The boys looked at me then at the news listening now. The sixteen year old on with a blanket around her shoulder. "So, Shelley what happened in there?" "Well, I was raped by two drunk guys after I was kidnapped. When they were raping me she came in passed out while the guy who carried her touched her." "Wait, who is she?" Shelley said "She is the girl who saved us. Anyway when the guy was pulling down her pants she opened her eyes and laughed and said 'You guys are idiots, do you not know the meaning of too easy?' Then she like seriously ripped through the rope and punched the guy across the room. Then these other two guys came tried to punch her but she never even got hit once. Then she killed them and ripped a guys throat out, with her bare hands. Another guy came and tried to put his dick in her ass and she killed him too. When the two that raped me were about to fuck me at the same time she pulled them off me and then one guy said 'You want me in you two?' Or something and started rubbing her pussy she literally through him across the room. And killed the other guy. Then when she looked at me as if to ask if I was okay she went and checked not the girl who was shaking in the corner. Then she asked us not to tell anyone about what she did, but I'm telling because she deserves a reward or something." Kyle nodded. Then he said "we have a sketch of this mystery girl who is a hero right here."

He held up a sketch and everyone in the room gasped and stared at me. I kept eating as Gus turned off the tv and everyone stared at me. I are faster and gulped down my orange juice. I was about to leave when Caleb asked "So, are we gonna talk about it?" I turned to them acting oblivious "About what?" Joey chimed in saying "Hmm, I don't know. How about the fact you were gone for two hours, came back naked, and your apparently hero mystery girl?!?" I smiled "Nope." Popping the p.

"See ya." I walked off to my back pack by the door and left.

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