Little Tomlinson on hold


3. London

Alicia's POV

"For two nights please." I say to the man in the hotel.

"That'll be 150 , Ma'm ." I pull out the money and exchange it for the room key.

Liam and Louis carry the bags, they claim a woman in my condition should not carry bags.

"Where do you think the next note is?" Liam asks

"I don't know, but bandit might have thrown it out side or something." I say , the twins kick and I bend over in pain.

"What is with these two!" I growl

"They are Louis kids." Liam says and I glare at Louis

"Hey watcha looking at me for, you wanted them." He says

I walk over to the door and open it . It's nice for an cheap hotel.

I lay on one of the beds and find a basket. In side is our next clue.

"How did that devil know?" I ask myself and open the note.

Dear Alicia,

Good job on following orders. After a good nights rest you and your guests shall walk to the bakery down the street. Talk to the man at the counter. Ask him about apples and he will give you your next clue.

From, the hooded bandit.

Seems simple,ok I used to live in London so I should know which bakery since there's two down the street.

It has to be Wally's bakery since Jo-Ann only hires women.

"Boys! I have our next clue!" They run over and read the note.

"Ok, let's find us a bakery!" Liam says

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