Babies with a baby

15 year old Catlin and her boyfriend were just being normal teenagers you know sex,parties,drugs,and alcohol. Well catlin regrets making some of the choices she did that night. When her boyfriend finds out he says he is gone her parents send her to a school for teenage mothers and she has to live on campus 24/7.


3. My 15th Birthday

Today was my birthday and I felt so lost. My parents didn't call or even come see me. My Grandma called me and told me happy birthday and hoped the baby was doing well. I had hoped maybe she would say I could come live with her because I still felt out of place. Today I was 20 weeks pregnant and was still super nervous about all the problems that may happen. I went to a ultrasound and was told that the baby was going to be perfectly fine and that he was measuring ahead of his gestational age. My birthday kinda sucked though I didn't get no cake or anything I mostly got ignored by everyone. Then I heard my parents down the hall they had came to see me after all. My mother hugged me and wanted to see ultrasounds so I got them out of the box. Thats when my mom asked me to come back home because she couldn't stand being away from me. I was ready to go back home honestly and was exited to pack all my stuff up to go. We walked to the car and I started crying just I was so happy and I was nervous because I knew school would be difficult again. I had to see my child's fathers face everyday and was going to have to be able to handle this harsh and cruel world.

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