Babies with a baby

15 year old Catlin and her boyfriend were just being normal teenagers you know sex,parties,drugs,and alcohol. Well catlin regrets making some of the choices she did that night. When her boyfriend finds out he says he is gone her parents send her to a school for teenage mothers and she has to live on campus 24/7.


1. in the begining

Well lets just say I never wanted things to end how they did but you can't change whats already happened. I was always the girl to be good and not get in trouble till I met my boyfriend. I was 13 and he was 17 at the time. He got me into the parties and stuff my parents would have killed me if they knew where I was going every friday night when I was just with "friends". My parents would have killed me if they had known I had sex at the young age of 14 to but they never knew. I wasn't even planning to do it that night you know shit happens so what can I do or say. I was never scared anyone would find out either I mean how many people are going to know my parents and tell them they seen me at a party. Well I thought I knew and one of my friends told but my parents still let me go then they made a mistake of letting my boyfriend move in. By then they had to know we were fucking and all or at least I thought. Then they kicked him out and we moved towns but I stayed after school saying I had detentions and my boyfriend would drive out to see me. Well then things turned and all went down.

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