Babies with a baby

15 year old Catlin and her boyfriend were just being normal teenagers you know sex,parties,drugs,and alcohol. Well catlin regrets making some of the choices she did that night. When her boyfriend finds out he says he is gone her parents send her to a school for teenage mothers and she has to live on campus 24/7.


4. Helping me baby shop

My mom took me to the mall because she wanted to help pick out clothes for the baby. Of course I was just looking and maybe buying a few things. I wanted to get the crib and maybe a bassinet today because I am going to be having a baby shower hopefully I would get things like crib sheets and all that that I would need during then. I don't expect everything though so I won't get to upset if I have to buy a lot more then I expected. Right now his dad is sending me money like 40 dollars every week. I am trying to save up quickly for things that I know the baby will need or the things that I think I won't get. My mom got me the carseat I wanted and crib and bassinet all today because she called them my baby shower gifts. That was fine for me though because I don't really mind that much and then when ever I don't get what else I need I am saving up and getting for my son my self. So then I read up on carseat safety and all that when I got home that night because I really want my baby to be safe because it is better to be safe then not safe. I really am trying to be a good mom even though I am really scared to death and all of that because I am not prepared to be having a baby.

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