Babies with a baby

15 year old Catlin and her boyfriend were just being normal teenagers you know sex,parties,drugs,and alcohol. Well catlin regrets making some of the choices she did that night. When her boyfriend finds out he says he is gone her parents send her to a school for teenage mothers and she has to live on campus 24/7.


2. Finding out

The day I found out was probably the hardest to be honest like I was nervous I didm/t wanna tell my parents and I didn't even wanna tell the baby's dad. Anyways I told them and he left instantly saying he didn't wanna be a dad at all my parents were mad and sent me to my room then they came up and told me to start packing. At first they just sent me to my grandmas but then my grandma said she didn't want a baby in the house and weeks went by and by I was 12 weeks when my parents came and got me they took me to a place were basically I would live on campus with other teens in my situation and I was scared for my life. My mom told me bye and I instantly started crying one of the counselors came up and a few of the soon to be moms. I explained that I didn't feel my parents loved me for there decision and all and most the other felt the same at first. We all got our own rooms and I had nothing so basically it was just my stuff so far they explained as I progress threw pregnancy they will do ultrasounds let me go out and pick the crib and clothes I want when I know the gender. I felt like I was being rushed tho to I had just found out I was pregnant and now I'm already doing sonograms and all I was still nervous and scared I had no idea what was to come. I was about 15 weeks when I had my first ultrasound and the technician noticed something unusual with the baby. It's heart rate was low and it had extra fluids and stuff around it so they rushed me in for more test and they took some of the fluid and at that point they said once they got results they would know if it was a boy or girl and what was wrong. So I agreed to do the test and all so they did it and then in a few weeks they called me with the results I was having a boy but there was no signs that anything was wrong on the test they did and they made me more nervous.  

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