If Only

Aggie is deeply in love with the irresistible hunk Jordi Berkam, and after the unexpected death of her brother Aydin, Aggie needs him more than ever, but he's no where to be found. When he finally returns Aggie is overwhelmed with joy, however soon Aggie's world comes crashing down when she discovers that she hadn't been dating Jordi, but instead his brother Jadzon, whom she never knew existed. Aggie finds herself struggling to make the decision of whether she should stay with Jadz or marry her deceased brothers best friend Lydon to please her family. She decides that she must let her heart decide... if only it could...


1. My Love Anew

         Only a second passed and then she felt it, the tingly sensation she got whenever he was around her. She could feel it all the way from the roots of her wild honey blonde hair down to the tips of her toes. Just the feeling of his warm breath on her neck soothed her caramel skin and all that lay underneath. The smell of him, a masculine honeysuckle, made her knees want to give out. Then his lips moved towards hers, and once again she lost control of herself while she was in his presence. “I love you so much; I never want to lose you.” He whispered softly between kisses in his heavy foreign accent. His tongue over exaggerating the consonants, and his warm breath tickling her neck in a way that only he could. It had been three weeks since she last saw him; it felt like he had disappeared off of the face of the Earth. He had changed; she could see it clear as day, but she just couldn't put her finger on what it was exactly.
         “When you first met me you tried to decapitate me,” she joked finally pushing him away from her.    
          “Aggie, you’re not still mad about that are you. I told you, I was young and foolish before I laid eyes on the beautiful Agatha Katarina Mist,” he said stretching his long muscular arms out, as if waiting for her to once again embrace him with hers as she did before.
           “Jordi stop, no more fooling around. I have a lot of things to do this evening, and I must get ready for them,” Aggie replied turning back around so she could prepare herself for the long day ahead of her.
          “I’m glad to hear you call my confession of love for you ‘fooling around.’”
          “I didn’t mean it like that and you know it. Anyways, what are you doing here? Where did you go? Why did you leave?” She rambled.
Jordi hesitated then said, “We could both leave this place. We could run far away and forget about everything and everyone besides the two of us,” and started to kiss her neck. 
She disliked when he talked like that, them running away to some far of land and isolating themselves from everyone they loved. It made her feel selfish deep down inside. How could he expect her to just up-and-leave her family and friends? They were always there for her when she needed them, especially now after her older brother Aydin’s sudden death. 
          “You always smell the same, why is that?” He said, bringing her back to reality.
          “I just smell like me, is it a bad thing? Do I smell horrible?” she said consciously burrowing her head into her chest.
          “No it’s a terrific smell. It’s like a…a vanilla type scent. It makes me hungry.” Jordi said looking up to meet her eyes in the mirror above her table.
She could sense that he wanted her to do the same, so she looked up. But as she did she had finally figured out what was different about him. His once incandescent emerald green eyes were now a brutal, venomous emphasized red with yellow and black flashes. He smiled as if knowing that she detected the changes, and she saw that he had razor-sharp fangs standing out of his, used to be straight lined, grin like vicious daggers. She tried to open her mouth so she could confront him about it but couldn't. When she tried to speak not only could she not find the right words to say, but she got a dry desert like feeling in her throat that caused unfathomable pain. Then a voice unlike her own came into her head, “calm down my love.”  It was Jordi. “I can feel your thin muscles tensing under my fingertips.” He paused for a moment to kiss her neck and then started again, but this time out loud. “Just relax,” he whispered softly, “it’ll make this easier for the both of us.” That’s when he sunk his fangs into her neck. Although Aggie knew it was coming she gasped anyways, the pain was excruciating. It felt like someone obtained two pieces of broken glass and had stabbed her repeatedly in the neck. She tried to fight him off, but the venom was working its magic on her fast. The last she remembered was falling to the ground and lying in a pool of a warm scarlet liquid, her own blood. Aggie tried once more to open her mouth and call for help, but the blackness that invaded the corner of her eyes found its way to her pupils. It was then that she fell in a dark, painless, dreadful, empty world and wondered if she would ever open her eyes again. 


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