How Could I Feel This Way If You Weren't Even Mine?

Kimberlyn has been best friends with Will since they could remember. Can one misunderstanding ruin a friendship meant to last forever? Or will Kim and Will become even closer than they ever thought they would be? Read "How Could I Feel This Way If You Weren't Even Mine" to find out.
(IM5 not famous)


1. My deepest, darkest, secret.

Kim's POV.

I can remember it like it happened yesterday.  The pit of my stomach had a tingling feeling like I was nervous,  but excited to start a new chapter in my life. It was my first day of middle school, and just like every other person my age, I thought I had the world figured out.  But I was wrong. That's when I met him. He was the type of person who could walk through a crowded hallway and have everyone's eyes on him.  Just imagine it: as he walks down the hall, all heads turn to face this perfect boy, its almost as if everything is happening in slow motion.  Wind blows through his luscious hair and he has this angelic glow coming off of him, making the dark hallway feel like heaven.  Every boy wants to be him and every girl wants to be with him.

I was the lucky girl that got to call him mine though.  Not as in a boyfriend girlfriend relationship, but a bond that was meant to never be broken. It was much more than a friendship. I told him all the things that I couldn't even tell my diary and he stayed by my side through all the ups and downs in my life.  It was as if he lived through part of my life with me.  I needed him.

But as they always say, nothing stays the same and nothing lasts forever.  We started drifting farther away from each other.  Sure we still hung out and talked, but our unbreakable bond wasn't there anymore.  I felt like I couldn't tell him my deepest secrets anymore. 

Will Jay Behlendorf wasn't just my best friend, he was my deepest, darkest, secret.



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