Love Story? A Fremione FanFiction

This is set on Hermione's fourth year and in Fred's sixth year.

The title says it all. This is a love story!

Between Fred and Hermione.

Fred asks Hermione to the Yule ball. Things go on. Don't read of not interested.

Full of fremione fluff.

Might be funny.

Might be entertaining.

Might be serious and sad.

Disclaimer: everything belongs to J.K. Rowling.


1. introduction

I'm starting this so it starts when Hermione and Fred meet and then in the next chapter I will go to the fourth year.


On with the story.


Third person POV

HOGWARTS express, first year.

Hermione boarded the train and surveyed the compartments. Everywhere was full. But she spotted one with three thirteen year boys in it and that a little eleven year girl could fit in the seat next to a ginger haired boy.

Hermione started toward the compartment lugging her trunk behind her and knocked on the door.

The three boys looked up at her curiously and one opened the door.

"Excuse me but can I sit here?" Hermione asked politely remembering that her mother had told her to have manners.

"Sure come on in." A ginger haired boy replied and took her trunk and lifted it onto the rack. He was rather tall. About a foot taller then Hermione.

The boy stepped back into the compartment and gestured her in and sat next to a boy that looked exactly like him.

"Well I'm Fred." The boy said.

"And I'm George." His twin added.

The other boy was opening his mouth to announce his name when someone opened the door.

A lady with some snacks came with a trolley and asked, "anything from the trolley dears?"

Hermione nodded but then realized she didn't have money.

But Fred George and their friend both tipped in and took some snacks.

Fred offered her some snacks and was very kind to her.

When the train stopped she had to leave for the boats but waved farewell to the boys.

They waved back but Fred was smiling brightly with a twinkle in his eyes.

Hermione sat in a boat and waited patiently until they got to the castle.

It was humongous!

After the sorting when hermione say down at the Gryffindor table, Fred and George had saved her a seat and she sat there.

She could feel herself starting to like Fred. He was nice, funny, tall, and easy to be around.

She had a crush on the boy. But she wouldn't tell him. She could tell that he wouldn't like her as she was ugly, short, a bookworm and had no friends.

She was just hermione granger. Nothing less and nothing more.

But she also knew that he could like her if she changed. But if he did like her she wanted it to be her real self. Not some fake who only did it to but affection.

She will make sure that she will either forget about Fred or win his heart.

Could this be a love story?

I know it sucks... Deal with it.

First chapter will be up tomorrow or the next day. It depends.


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