Fighting Over Him|L.T

Three years ago when me and my twin sister Blue were thirteen, we liked the same boy at our school. So we thought of the sister kissing games. We would both flirt with the boy, and whoever he kissed first could date him. Mom and dad never knew about this, and every time we liked the same boy we would start our secret game. It's been a year since the last S.K.G, but now there's a new boy town and I feel like thirteen all over again. So bring it on Blue, 'cause I'm ready to flirt.
"So we both like him?"
"Yes. Blue, I think it's time for the Sister Kissing Games."

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*Louis is 16 in this story and NOT famous*
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10. 9. Fights and flashback(Blue's POV) part two

A/N: this chapter is written the same as the last one, the only difference is that this Blue's POV is.
Blue's POV

I was about to go to Kian, my best friend's house. But as I walked, I actually didn't feel like it. I wanted to be alone for a while. So I walked to the Stadium, the soccer team was on the other side of the country for a match so the only person who would probably be my dad. I walked over the the entrance of the stadium and called my dad, asking if he could let me in.

"Blue, what are you doing here? I thought you and Violet were going to do something together today?" My dad asks as we're walking to the field.
"We were, but we couldn't find something we both like and we had a fight." I say and run over to the place they keep some soccer balls. I grab one and run to the field. I could hear him sigh and I turn to him.
"It wasn't as bad as when you were fourteen right?" My dad asks and I shake my head no.
"No, it'll never be as bad as that day." I say and think back at why that horrible fight started.

~Flasback 'revenge'~
"Can I come with you?" The fourteen your old Violet asks her twin sister, Blue and her friend snicker.
"No, you won't like this. We're going to play a game of soccer." Blue says and Violet crosses her arms.
"I can play with you, or I can watch while you play." She says, all her friends had something to do, so Violet was alone.
"No Violet, you'll just keep asking questions that you won't understand the answers of." Blue says, and her and her friends leave. Blue slams the door shut, but she slams it too hard making her favourite trophy fall of her closet and it breaks. Violet doesn't know what to do, as she wants to pick it up to make it she thinks of how unfair Blue just acted towards her. So she just leaves it and goes downstairs, going to watch America's next top model. 

"VIOLET!" Blue shouts, she just came home from playing soccer and saw the broken trophy.
"What?" Violet asks as she walks into the bedroom, she sees Blue standing there, the trophy in her hand. Her head was red of fury.
"You broke my trophy! Just because you couldn't come with me and the boys!" She shouts, Violet shakes her head.
"I did nothing, when you slammed the door shut the trophy fell and broke." She explains, but Blue was too angry to believe her.
"Bullshit! You broke it and now you're telling me a stupid lie!" She says, and grabs a bag.
"Where are you going?" Violet asks.
"Kian's house, we're having a sleep over." Blue answers, she grabs some clothes from the closet they share and walks out of the room. But what Violet doesn't know is that Blue also grabbed Violet's new outfit for her date with the boy she likes she has tomorrow. Blue leaves the house and goes to Kian's house.

"So what exactly did she do?" Kian's asks Blue, as Blue told him what she saw this afternoon.
"She broke my trophy Kian! My favourite one!" Blue says.
"So what are you gonna do?" Kian asks and Blue smirks.
"Revenge." She simply says and grabs the clothes from her bag, she also gets some markers she grabbed from her desk at home. Together with Kian she ruins Violet's new and favourite clothes. As they're done, Kian looks at Blue.
"What now?" He asks.
"I'll go back to home, tell them I forgot something and place the clothes back." Blue smirks, proud of her own plan.

Violet screams as she sees her new clothes she was about to wear on her date. She immediately knew that Blue was the one who did this. But she wasn't going to leave it, not again. Blue got mad at her for something she didn't do and ruined her favourite clothes. Now it's time for her revenge, and it will ruin something Blue really wanted: playing in their school play.

As Violet came back from her date, she started to work on her revenge. Tomorrow were the auditions for the school play, at nine am. Violet grabs the note her mother wrote a while ago and start to imitate her handwriting. As her handwriting looks close enough to her mother's, she writes a simple note:

Blue, your drama teacher called, the auditions are moved to eleven am. -Mom x

The next morning, Violet wakes up at six am, her mom is already to her work. She places her sticky note she wrote yesterday on the fridge and quickly goes back to bed, not wanting Blue to find her awake. Then she would suspect something. Violet acts like she's asleep, as she hears Blue's alarm. Violet hears Blue groan and footsteps start moving. About a minute, the footsteps come back and Blue places herself back in her bed. Violet smirks in victory, her plan has worked.
~End of flashback~

"You know dad, it wouldn't surprise me if we have such a big fight again soon." I say and kick the ball over to him. Dad looks at me and raises an eyebrow while kicking the ball back to me.
"Why?" He asks and I shrug.
"One time Violet will find out about our secret, she'll never forgive me that I knew it and never told her." I say and we keep kicking the ball over to each other. Dad sighs and keeps the ball under his foot, making it stop moving.
"I already told you Blue, I'll tell her soon. I know it's hard for you to keep this from your sister, it's hard for me to keep it from your mother too. But we have to. Just for a little while, until it's completely sure." He says and I nod.
"Alright, but only for a little while. But you really have to tell them. And you have to tell them soon."

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