Fighting Over Him|L.T

Three years ago when me and my twin sister Blue were thirteen, we liked the same boy at our school. So we thought of the sister kissing games. We would both flirt with the boy, and whoever he kissed first could date him. Mom and dad never knew about this, and every time we liked the same boy we would start our secret game. It's been a year since the last S.K.G, but now there's a new boy town and I feel like thirteen all over again. So bring it on Blue, 'cause I'm ready to flirt.
"So we both like him?"
"Yes. Blue, I think it's time for the Sister Kissing Games."

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*Louis is 16 in this story and NOT famous*
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11. 10. Fights and flashbacks(Violet's POV) part three(last part)

Violet's POV

I was just remembering our memories when the door opened. I turn took at who it is, and see Blue standing in the door opening. And with just one look we both knew that we were thinking about that same horrible day. I walk over to Blue and hug her tight, not wanting to let her go. 
"Maybe we could still do something together? We can just look through old pictures and think back." Blue says, I smile and nod. 
"That's a great idea Blue." I say and together we run upstairs, to the attic, me bumping into a door on the way. We go to the attic and grab the box with pictures.

"Oh my gosh, look at this one!" Blue says and burst out laughing. I turn to her and look at the photo she had in her hands. It was a picture of us two with Minnie mouse of when we were at Disney land. Blue was hugging Minnie, while I didn't dare to get closer than 10 feet. And on top of that I had peed in my pants. 
"Oh my god, that was awful! I was so scared." I say and put my hands over my eyes.
"It was cute, you were three, what would you expect from a three year old." Blue says and we both giggle at the memories from that day. I look through some other pictures, one caught my eye. 
"Blue look." I say and show her the picture I found. It was from when we went on a vacation. We both had made paper glasses and put them on. We were both smiling and hugging each other. 
"That is such a cute picture! Remember when mom took that one?" She asks and I nod.
"How could I forget such a great vacation." I say and place the picture back.
"I like this, just us two, doing stuff like this together without fighting." Blue says, which made me smile, she felt the same.
"Yeah, I like this too. This is the closest we've been in years." I say and Blue nods.
"We have to thank Felicite, if she hadn't wanted to spend time with Louis we would've never done something like this together." Blue says and I nod. We both look back at the pictures. 
"I remember this." I say and show another picture to Blue. It was a picture of Blue on her first soccer match. She was standing there smiling bright, while I was standing in the background looking angry. 
"Me too, that was my very first soccer match." Blue says and smiles, admiring the picture.
"That was also the day I got dirt on my dress." I mumble, Blue must have heard me because she burst out laughing.
"You seriously remember that?" She asks and I nod.
"Why do you think I was looking angry in that picture." I say, Blue starts to laugh again which makes me laugh too.
"But this is my favourite out of all of them." Blue says and grabs her phone. I look curious at her, what was she talking about? The gives the phone to me, I look at the picture and start smiling. It was a year ago, we had a talent show at school and I won with my singing. In the picture you saw Blue hugging me, congratulating me. That was one of the best days of my life.
"That one is your favourite?" I ask, Blue nods and takes her phone back.
"Why?" I ask and I feel tears well up in my eyes.
"You were so happy that day, you're my twin sister and I was so happy for you." She says, I hug her and the tears start rolling down my cheeks.
"I love you Blue."
"I love you too Violet."

"So what did you two do today?" Mom asks, she and dad just came home and right now we were eating.
"We looked through some old pictures. Just remembering those times." Blue says, I smile and nod.
"Sounds like a great day." Mom says and put her mouth full with chicken.
"It was, we were the closest we've been in years today." I say and do the same. I look at Blue and wink, her knowing what that means, she starts talking.
"Oh and dad, we found this picture." She says and gives the picture to our dad. His eyes widen and me and Blue burst out laughing. It was a picture from when dad was around our age, he had long blonde curly hair. He looked ridiculous, it was hilarious. 

"Today was a good day, we have to do this more often." Blue says as we were laying in bed. 
"I agree." I say and turn of the lights of our room.
"Goodnight Blue."
"Goodnight Violet." 

A/N: okay so I know this is not the longest chapter I've ever written :/ I'm really sorry, I just had no inspiration at all. I hope you still like this chapter though :) anyway...thank you all so much for your sweet comments. Every time I see that someone placed a comment I can't stop smiling, so I just want to thank you for that. Of course also thanks for all the likes and favs I've gotten. I never thought my book would actually be this popular :) you all make me happy. I love youuuuuu x

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