The Poisoned Getaway Between Silver Linings and Limbo

When you die do you see the world in a slow motion view from stars above. Feeling like your sinking in a ocean, do the clouds wonder about you? I was 17 when I became one of them but I knew deep ahead I wouldn't fear of it anymore. The fear of not being able to control, and the fear of never being able to feel love again. Till one day someone will walk into my life who wondrously think and feel the same way. Could be but yet forbidden love, love is a curse that draws you in because were in a poisoned getaway between a silver lining and limbo.


1. chapter 1

Year of

The Italian Renaissance

1475 A.D

My name is Adriana, I'm 17 years old I'm from Florence, Italy. My mother likes sorcery or would other people like to say "witchcraft" and my father is a tailor.

Adriana my father's deep husky voice called from his tailoring room. I walked in to his room watching him fix a few flaws on a new design. I have to send this to king Fredrick ||| would you like to come? He offered I thought I couldn't because I'm not there to entertain I replied to him walking around his new design. Yes dear, but I notice you don't really get out much now that it's a hot summer daze he ensured. Okay I will go with you to see the king I replied to him leaving the room.

As my father watched the movement of the people past by we reached the castle doors, the doors opened and we walked inside I'm here to give the king his clothes he wanted me to design he told a guard. My king is in his throne room the guard replied taking second glances at us my father and I walked down the halls and found the defined room in elegance. My king I have brought to you, your new clothes you ordered. Yes Antonio, please hand them to ms. Vinny the older women came towards us and took them to a room. Suddenly the door open widely 3 men appeared their faces was like an old stature feel, their skin pale white, their eyes dark as the Black Sea, the man in front of the other two smiled grimly at me as the sun shined over me my hair shimmered in it's gaze aws were heard in the room. Aro! It's good to see you the king spoke up, my king we got an invitation to your ball tonight aro told him walking up near my father and I. Yes, and I enjoy seeing you tonight king Fredrick corrected him Aro, Caicus, Marcus this is my tailor Bernardo and his daughter Adrianna. My father gave a slight smile to the men, my king are they coming as well Caicus asked in curiosity, I didn't plan on them to come the king said slouching back in his throne. Then I personally invite miss Adrianna to be my escort Aro ensured I always dreamed of going to the kings ball so I accept. Aro creeped a smile to his face but I decided to leave the room to get ahead start to get ready for tonight.

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