The reckoning

Kara and Shane must struggle for their lives in a world that is just beginning to fight back, as they tip the scales between friendship, and survival..


3. violated

Why did I have to choose such a boring name like Shane? I mean, Kara's name was so much more alluring and mine was just plain and simple. She was right next door to me in my prison cell. She'd help me get to sleep as I have bad insomnia, but a few times I've tried escaping the prison- which is where my cuts and scars come in. I don't blame Kara for trying to kill me, it's just that we're forced to. Good old' Rolenzio loves a bit of brutal entertainment that only leaves one person standing. As a matter of fact, he comes to the battle grounds and watches it for his own eyes. No one really sees his facial expression as he always wears a black hood that could also possibly be used as a black veil. Anyway, I'm blabbing on about pointless information.

Kara stares at me through the jail bars, smiling ever so angelically it almost seems that she enjoys being stuck here with me. Her hazel brown shaded eyes shimmer towards me as if she's came up with an idea. And by my calculations, she had as she crawled up closer to the bars. 

"Let's make a pack," She whispers and flashes her teeth whilst smiling. I've never really had a proper best friend before. Hell, I didn't think I would. I'm guessing she's just so eager to feel popular and loved again. I can't turn the opportunity down so I nod, waiting for her to continue.

"If we ever have to fight each other in the battle grounds, we fake the death, someone chooses the supernatural creature, find where there body is being kept hostage.. and we run for it." Kara explains in a whisper, but she seems so nervous and shaky. Hell no! Something inside me kept telling me. It's a suicide mission either which way. I find myself gulping slowly, and I pull out my hand for her to shake as if I am agreeing to the deal. And she shook it. 

Oh dear ma... what have I gotten myself into?

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