The reckoning

Kara and Shane must struggle for their lives in a world that is just beginning to fight back, as they tip the scales between friendship, and survival..


4. Hell

I tap rhythmically against the iron bars, I examine my palms as they are dirty and sweaty. My prison cell roommate has gone fast asleep, curled up into a ball dreaming peacefully. I find it surprising how he can sleep throughout this noise. Even for a six year old. I'd expect him to start screaming, crying and panicking for his mother. I poke my head out of the jail bars slightly to see what's going on. There is distinct yelling an orders, and I can here the bars rattling frantically. I just sit in an awkward heap tracing my finger along the gritty sand and they make their way up to the sharp edges of the cobblestone bricks. The smell is unbearable and nauseating. I jump around in horror as I notice three hellhounds and three rottweilers come in a V-shaped structure with six different guards men. Two were wearing black and red which resembled the vampire, one was wearing gold and silver which resembled the magi, two were wearing black and gold which resembled the wolf, and last but not least, one wore scarlet red. Which resembled the demon. 

They all have human forms, but I know that they are disguising themselves from their true beings. 

I feel my heart pound hard against my chest violently and nervously. 

Oh god... I find myself screaming it in my head. They're here to choose two "lucky", humans to fight in a dusty, bull arena for entertainment.  I grasp onto the bars to look closer in who the guards choose. 

But they let the sniffer dogs choose the worthy opponents. I notice a rottweiler fix his daunting gaze over me, and his eyes flare gold, that's the sign where he's chosen a person. 

I scatter back to the end of the walls and pants nervously, pushing myself away from the bars as if I am tempting to get away from something frightening. I close my eyes tight shut as I hear my cell gate open wide, and I am being forcefully pulled upon my feet from the magi and the werewolf. They're tugging badly on my arms and I try to squirm away from them as it hurts me slightly. My eyes open quickly to see how far I've gone from my cage, which is only half way two the double circular rounded wooden doors. The vampire and demon guard open the doors out for me and shoves me in the arena. People are stacked one by one in a circular shape seating structure, cheering and applauding me as I enter in. There are guards inside the arena itself to restrain people from escaping.  My eyes are weak from the lightening in the area as for I've been kept in a dark prison for nearly five years. 

"Welcome to the 100th anniversary of treason!" I hear a game show host bellow out with excitement, and the crowd erupts with more screams and cheers. I find myself stumbling backwards, and stumble over my own foot which caused the audience to mumble with laughter as the single ray of spot light shines up on me. 

"What is your name? in the left hand corner." The crowd is silenced by his finger immediately dashing onto me. My name? I don't remember my name. As we came into the prison at first, they gave us some sort of drug that made us forget how our towns were demolished, our name, and entire family so we wouldn't have any sympathy for them. Dammit... I have to make one up soon. Everyone's eyes are fixed upon mine as if they were concentrating, trying to figure out how I work. 

"Kara," I manage to whisper in the dangling microphone and the crowd is still remaining silent. I gaze up over to the far right corner and i find that the spot light is glued upon my opponent. Shane.

He has to be somewhere around eleven, he has matted dark colored hair and cuts scattered around his face. His lip is throbbing uncomfortably from an open wound and I can tell he is shaking. 

"What's your name?" The game show host repeats the question to the sixteen year old boy.  I feel sorry for the boy, he looks beaten and tired. I wouldn't be surprised if he's lonely too. .I focus on Shane, who looks completely lost and abandoned. 

"Shane, my name is Shane." He mutters under his breath in the dangling microphone. The crowd is still silent, and I see that Shaneis given a small, yet sharp silver plated dagger, his facial expression is confused as if he has never used a dagger before. He flips around the dagger and examines it's shape, as if he is thinking of tactics to kill me with it. The bell rings loudly, and the crowd is no longer silent, shouting and cheering us on as we fight to the deaths. It's pure cruel. The supernatural creatures has taken over the world, and this is how they treat the humans? Like animals? I shake my head in disbelief and I dart quickly towards the Shane, my opponent, and I swing my fist around, making sure it looks like it hurt as my fist skimmed across his face, he stammers back and lands on his back. He screams in agony which causes the crowd to scream in congratulations. He's faking moving around awkwardly as if he was in actual pain. It was sick, he was dirty, full of scars and in a weird way, he looked attractive. His dark, brown greasy matted hair was flowing to his broad shoulders. Since we had been in a prison cell, he hadn't had the chance to shave so his beard was stubble. I plant my foot lightly in the center of his stomach, which causes him to groan and cuddle his stomach as if it was agonizing. I grin wickedly towards Shane, and I grab his face with my hands, which he effortlessly gets up at my grasp, and I twist his head to make it look like I've snapped it. He's a good actor. But I don't know whether it'll be good enough to trick the overlord- also known as, the supernatural lord of all supernaturals. I receive a dagger to finish him off and I hesitate nervously. I remember about the purple chord, and I grab his wrist, his eyes look up at me pleadingly and he whispers.

"Promise me you'll save me..." He mutters under his breath as he avoids to look at the dagger and I pierce it in to his wrist, squinting my eyes as I hear his blood splatter onto me as the dagger sinks into his wrist. I move up the dagger which breaks of the purple chord and he effortlessly flops out of my hands. 

For a moment, the crowd is silent in suspense, and then the crowd erupts with screams and applauds again, and colorful confetti explodes down on me as if it was fired out of a cannon. I stand in the circular bull arena dazed as an orchestral tune plays to congratulate me. My head drops down as I examine Shane's lifeless body. I don't know how he can act... so dead. Two werewolves in their uniforms comes in the arena with an old wooden horse wagon and dumps Shane's body in the center. I close my eyes tight as it looked like it's painful. Surprisingly, he doesn't squint or groan. He just looked so light to pick up. The werewolves picked up the wagon by it's handles and pushed him out of the arena. 

Crap... I think in my head worryingly. I have no idea where his body is being taken too. Perhaps maybe I ask one of the supernatural creatures in the outside world. Red roses come out from the audience and they throw them at me as if it was a gift. 

"We have a winner!" The game show host bellows which is followed on by laughter and applaud in the background. Oh Shane... I'm sorry. Deeply sorry. I blink back tears in my eyes to hide the fact I had a strong relationship with him, and I am being escorted out of the arena by a vampire and a magi into the main halls. More guards with sniffer dogs. They are guarding every single double door in the area. I freeze as I notice a man with his hands clasped together behind his back, he's dressed in black, and from what I can tell, he has a broad muscular figure. The two escorts are dismissed by one simple click of his fingers and he turns around. 

"Kara, huh?" He flashes me a wolfish grin. "impressive fight you pulled back there," He starts. 

I gulp slowly and nod. "Thank you sir," I shiver as I'm nervous. He looks so dangerous yet so beautiful. Almost like an avenging angel. 

"Perhaps you aren't very clear of who I am, let me give you an idea. My name is Rolenzio. The overlord." He bows and walks towards me steadily to kiss the palms of my hands. He sniffs my scent and lets out a sigh of relief as if my blood was... tasty.

"Within one day, you get to chose your supernatural creature. Lucky you." He walks to the exit with his hands clasped together again and pauses to glance at me. "Live long and Prosper, Kara." He leaves. 

Choosing my supernatural creature isn't what I have in my mind right now. 

I'm focused on saving my best friend Shane. 

I have no idea what I'm doing. But I am led back into my new luxurious room.

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