2 Bands and a Whole Lot of Love

Izzy just an ordinary girl who is and amazing singer just wants to have fun in life with her friends. They do everything together. They even made a band, which gets more popular in minutes.... one day her and her friends decide they want to search for love. :)

Hope you enjoy it!


1. Characters

This is Izzy Finch. Singer. She is 15 years old. Nickname Iz


This is Abi Welsh. Singer. she is 14 years old. Nickname Ab


This is Nicole Fisher. Singer. she is 15 years old. Nickname Nikki


This is Paige Turner. Singer.  she is 13 years old. Nickname is Kit Kat (its a Long story)


This is Ellie Adams. Singer. she is 17 years old. nickname El


This is Bradley Simpson. in this book he is 15 years old.


This is Connor Ball. in this book hes 14 years old


This is Tristan Evans. in this book hes 15 years old.


This is James McVay. in this book hes 17 years old.

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