2 Bands and a Whole Lot of Love

Izzy just an ordinary girl who is and amazing singer just wants to have fun in life with her friends. They do everything together. They even made a band, which gets more popular in minutes.... one day her and her friends decide they want to search for love. :)

Hope you enjoy it!


2. Chapter 1

Izzy's P.O.V.

          It's a new year and school is just starting and I am very nervous because I'm going to a whole new school with my 4 best friends, Abi, Nicole, Paige, and Ellie. We all wanted a fresh start. Anyway I'm trying to pick out a new outfit that would make a good impression so i don't become the loser of the school. eventually i pick this out. http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_431/set?id=116775210. 

           I'm waiting at the bus stop with a bunch of people I do not know when I come across Abi, so I walk up to her to talk till the bus comes. "Hey Abi, hows it goin?" i said nudging her in the shoulder. "Oh hi, I'm good just nervous" she said. "I bet. I am too" I said with a laugh as soon as the bus pulls up. Abi and I sit together for the next 25 minute. when we arive at school I see a bunch of people. most of them in there little groups.

          Abi and I are walking to class when we see Nicole, Paige, and Ellie next to there lockers. "hey gurls" i said opening my locker and grabbing my books. "hey" they said in response. Abi, Nicole, and I head off to our classes while Paige and Ellie go to there classes, since paige is younger than us and Ellie's older than us. anyway the school day goes on and its lunch now. I couldn't find my friends so I go ahead and get my lunch and go find a seat i find a empty table next to the window and begin eating. When someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn around to see a short, curly haired boy standing behind me. "excuse me but your sitting in my seat."

          "Its not your seat. i dont see your name on it. anyway I got here first" I said kinda mean like. "ha you must be new here" he said with a smirk then sat in the chair next to me. "yeah so?" I responded. "Nothing its just me and my friends always sit here... its kinda the best table in this crappy place we call school." I just noticed that it kinda was the bast table. "well now I am sitting here" I said. "ha your cute, I'm Bradley, whats your name?" he asked. "Izzy" I snapped getting annoyed that he called me cute when i only just met him. I started eating my food once again. "well It's nice to meet you Izzy" he said with a smile then started eating. we were silent for a while when my friends showed up. "Hey Iz, whos this?" paige said. " a Cre-" I got cut off. "I'm Bradley" He said. "yeah so this is Paige, Abi, Ellie, and Nicole" I said pointing at them when I said their name. They sat down and after that it was silent for the fest of lunch. 

          I then headed to chemistry class. I sat down next to Nickki. when the teachers paired people up. Tristan and Nicole. Abi and Connor. then a bunch of other people I did not know, then finally they said my name, and great I got that creep Bradley. "Hey Cutie" he said sitting next to me. "Don't call me that" i said. "okay then what? beautiful? Bae? Sweetie?" he said laughing and winking. I laughed a little bit he was starting to grow on me. I guess he was a little bit cute.... okay really cute. but I don't like him. Do I?...

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