Alice and Lauren: True Love Never Dies

It's finally time! Lauren and Chase are getting married! But what happens when things go terribly wrong and an old "friend" returns? Find out in Alice and Lauren: true love never dies.


4. Two new surprises

Lauren's POV

2 Months Later.

"Taylor, come here." Alice said. She pulled him into a hug. "Awww...Ew." Chase said. I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing. "Jee Lauren, you're so happy." Alice said. I heard the doorbell ring and went to see who it was. I opened the door and turned to Taylor. Taylor ran over. He was just as shocked. "Blake." I said, without knowing. He pulled me into a hug. "I'm back." He said. Taylor ran into a room and came out, holding Blake's red Vans. "Keep 'em." Blake said simply. Taylor smiled like a dork and put them back. Chase had a jealous look on his face. "Chase, this is Blake. He was my best friend. Blake, this is Chase. He's my husband." I said the last part proudly. "Fellow vampire?" Chase asked. "Yeah, I guess." Blake said, looking at his pale arms. Chase had a forced chuckle and a mad look on his face. "Hey, remember that time we were on a date and the waitress was a vampire?" Blake asked. "You-You guys...Dated?" Chase asked. "Yeah, like, two dates, but he's like a brother to me." I said. Chase rolled his eyes. "Anyways, when I got in the crash I had your necklace, remember?" Blake said. "Yeah?" I said quietly. He handed me the necklace with a butterfly on the end. "Aww, thank you Blake, I missed it so much." I said, hugging him. "Well, I found it on the side of the road and figured you'd want something that your father gave you." He said. "Besides most of your traits, and life." He chuckled. I laughed. "Uh... Dinner anyone?" Alice asked akwardly. "Yeah." I said. "Where to? I'll drive." Taylor said.

We entered a Chinese restaurant. "I can remember, we sat in that exact spot once." Blake said, pointing to a table. "You were eating sushi." He said. "Man, I hate sushi." I said. Blake was right next to me but Chase had his hand locked in mine. Alice led us to a table big enough for five people. After a while, a waiter gave us what we ordered and we all talked and caught up with Blake. "Guys," Chase said. "Are you telling them?" I asked. "Yeah. Unless you want too." He said. "Okay." I said. I suddenly got nervous. "We're going to have kids."


Once we were home, Alice was freaking out, in a good way. "I can't believe it!" She squealed. Taylor calmed her down. "Hey, I gotta leave. See ya." Blake said. He hugged me and left. Chase came up and wrapped his arms around me. "You, Lauren, are going to be an amazing mother." He said. "Ech." Taylor joked. "I'll slap you." I told him, giggling. "Lauren, you don't giggle. It's not right." Alice joked. "So how far are you?" She asked. "Two months." I said, smiling like an idiot.

We're actually going to have kids...

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