Alice and Lauren: True Love Never Dies

It's finally time! Lauren and Chase are getting married! But what happens when things go terribly wrong and an old "friend" returns? Find out in Alice and Lauren: true love never dies.


7. Taylor


   Taylor. I began screaming bloody murder. "TAYLOR!" I began to run around, strangely faster than Lauren and Chase. "This isn't happening!" "Alice..." Taylor whispered. He was fading fast. "I love you." He smiled weakly. "I love you more than you could ever imagine." I whispered. "Never,ever, forget that." He whispered. Then he was gone. Forever. " I'll love you forever." I whispered.

    For weeks after that I hid away in the room Taylor and I used to share. I wore black and just became a shell. "I shouldn't be here." My heart hurt. I cried 24/7. My boyfriend, the love of my life, was gone. I wasn't mad at Lauren or Chase. Just Blake. The horrid Blake. He was dead but I still hated him. More than vampires love blood. That's a lot. Some of the time I just hid in the bathroom and screamed. I also swore that I would never sing again.

     "Alice?" Lauren knocked on my door. It had been two months since Taylor... passed away, and her stomach had blown up like a balloon. "Yes?" I asked. I thought of Taylor when Lauren came in. The baby. " Are you... okay?" I shook my head. "He's gone. My life had been perfect for a whole year. My perfect boyfriend is gone. I feel so gone. Some times I wish I had never met him. But I would have never had that wonderful, kind light that shone so bright." "Oh! Alice, I'm so sorry. Oh! The baby keeps kicking." I shook my head. "Can you hear him or her. You know in your head." she nodded. "He or she like you." I smiled weakly. "Hi little one. I like you too. Do you have a name for them?" she shrugged. The doorbell rang. "It worked!" screamed Chase! "Whats going on Chase?" Taylor! I ran to the living room and hugged him."Who is this?" He whispered. I looked up. "Alice, he cant remember anything after you met."    

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