Alice and Lauren: True Love Never Dies

It's finally time! Lauren and Chase are getting married! But what happens when things go terribly wrong and an old "friend" returns? Find out in Alice and Lauren: true love never dies.


8. Rememberance

Chase's POV

  It had been two months since Taylor died. Lauren's stomach was getting bigger. We wanted the gender to be a surprise but we have a few name ideas.

The doorbell rang and I bolted up to answer it. "It worked!" I shouted. "Chase? What's going on?" Lauren came running through the hallway, Alice following right behind.

"Taylor!" Alice shouted. She ran over to hug him. "Chase, who is this?" He asked silently. Alice looked up. "Alice, he can't remember you." I said.

"No, Taylor, you have to remember me! I'm your girlfriend!" Alice said. "Alice." Lauren said. "Just  let him remember on his own." I said.


1 Month Later

Lauren's POV

    "Alice." I said. She poked her head out of her room. "What." She said tiredly. "Come with me." I said. I led her through the hallway, past bedrooms that reeked with painful memories. Alice wiped her eyes. I led her to the lounge and sat her on the couch. I felt like I was acting like her mother. "Yes, mum?" She asked jokingly. I laughed. "Taylor... Is making great progress, he can remember some things, just not your first kiss yet." I said slowly. Alice begged me to go see him. "Maybe you can help him remember." I sighed. I led her to Taylor, who was asking Chase a bunch of questions. "He's just going to act friendly." I said. Taylor turned around and saw Alice. He acted like he saw a ghost, then he ran towards her and embraced her with a big hug. "I remember now."

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