Alice and Lauren: True Love Never Dies

It's finally time! Lauren and Chase are getting married! But what happens when things go terribly wrong and an old "friend" returns? Find out in Alice and Lauren: true love never dies.


11. Protection


     Daisy came in from school early. "How are you today sweet heart. Sorry I wasn't there to send you off this morning. I was up late last night." I said. I stirred a cup of crimson liquid. "It's okay Aunt Alice. How are you?" I set a cup of blood substitute in front of her. "Fine. Meet anyone new?" She nodded. "There's a new teacher. His names Mr.Blake." I stopped in my tracks. "Who? What does he look like?" She described him perfectly. "Daisy. you stay away from him. He's VERY dangerous. He killed your uncle and he's after your family." She looked puzzled. "Uncle Taylor? But he's alive." I shook my head. "He killed him once. While your mom was pregnant and tried to kill her, but Taylor saved her at the risk of his own life. He also saved you." tears dripped from my eyes. "Don't go near him, ever. Promise me. He can and will kill us all no matter what. he hates us." "I promise."

    That night Lauren and Chase sat on the sofa. Daisy was in bed and Taylor was watching t.v. He was still a vampire. "Blake is back." I said. "What!?" Lauren's eyes were huge. "Yes. And he's Daisy's teacher." Lauren paced around the room. "No he's dead." Taylor said. "He could hurt Daisy." Chase yelped. "We need to leave. Get out of New York and get to some place safer." Chase and Lauren were running around in panic. Taylor ran in to wake Daisy. She came out with messy blonde hair and gray sweats. "What's going on?" She grumbled. "Alice and Lauren, go with Daisy. We'll get ready to leave." Chase ordered. "Your not going anywhere." Blake snarled behind me. "I have some unfinished business. With all of you. Especially you Alice. You ruined my perfect plan. Now I'll  ruin your perfect family."

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