Alice and Lauren: True Love Never Dies

It's finally time! Lauren and Chase are getting married! But what happens when things go terribly wrong and an old "friend" returns? Find out in Alice and Lauren: true love never dies.


12. Another Marriage?

Daisy's POV


I bolted up screaming. My mom came running in with Alice right behind her. "What?" Lauren asked. "Nothing, just a bad dream." I said, waving my hand. They left and I went back to sleep.


I walked into the kitchen the next morning in my band t-shirt and gray sweats. My hair was french-braided last night so it doesn't look very bad. Dad walked in with mom trailing behind him. "What's for breakfast, Lauren?" I asked my mom. I never really felt comfortable calling her my mom. "Toast." She said. Alice walked in. "Guys," She said. "What?" We all asked in unison. Taylor dashed in and shouted excitedly, "We're getting married!" My jaw hung open in shock.


After the shock died down Lauren asked me what my nightmare was. I explained.

"I have some unfinished business. With all of you. Especially you Alice. You ruined my perfect plan. Now I'll ruin your perfect family."

Lauren was shaken.

"It wasn't a dream..."

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