What He Doesn't Know...(Cake 5sos Hybrid)


1. Dirty secret



"Don't forget your beanie let's go!". "I know I know okay geez!" I snap as I slip my beanie on and be practically dragged to the door by Ashton. "Where we going anyway?" I groaned getting into the car. "To the store now quit your whining!" Ash said sternly. "UGH. Fine" I mumbled as I stared out the window waiting. "We're here!". Ash and I get out of the car and make our way inside the store. "I better get some candy out of this surprise trip." I say. Seeing Ash roll his eyes made me slug him in the arm. "Rude." I mutter "what? Am not!" Ashton snapped. "Yes huh. I'm gunna walk around text me when your done." I say to ashton before I go walk around.

I wondered around stopping to see a boy with a blond quiff and a lip piercing which was- kinda hot... He was standing there admiring a penguin and playing with it. I chuckled but I was sure he heard me because the next thing I knew he was walking toward me. I turned really fast and pretended like I was looking for something. He stops behind me and picks some brown rectangular item up- shit... My wallet.. " you dropped this?" He said extending the wallet in his hand to me. " uhh.. Yeah. Thanks" I said smiling like a goof. "No problem" he smiles back. I think I just died. "how's the view of that Elmo toy" he said chuckling. "It's very nice I was just browsing I stumbled upon this" I lied. "Cool.. Uhm my names Luke by the way.." He pushed out his hand signaling me to shake it. "Calum" I smiled shaking his hand. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket knowing it was Ashton. "I have to go.. It was nice meeting you" I say and waves back to Luke and I smile when I see him wave. I walk up the the check outs and looks for Ashton but I couldn't seem to find him and I started to panic. "Ashton!" I yell. I got no answer nor have I seen him I stared feeling tears filling my eyes. I've always been terrified of being lost. I kept yelling Ashton's name till I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turn around to see Luke.. " are you ok?.." He said with a worried expression on his face. I shake my head " I-I can't find m-my friend.." I stuttered. "Let's go find him. Yeah?" He says while trying to calm me down.


While I was look through hats and stuff of calum I noticed someone crying. I texted calum and told him I was gonna be at the check out soon and to make his way over there.

I was walking over to the check out and heard calum scream my name and ended up running until I saw cal in a blonde haired boy arms crying. Calum pointed at me and they walked up to me and Calum hugged me. "I'm sorry Cal.." I whispered to him. I felt him hug tighter I looked at the boy and thanked him. "No problem" he said with a nod and he was on his way. I paid for the item then me and cal went home.

"I felt really bad about what I did cal.." I said looking down at my hands.. "It's ok.." Calum said walking to the kitchen only in basket ball shorts. He had his white long tail and cat ears out only because he was home and no one can see him. "Just.. Tell me when your actually there" he said looking through the fridge.. "Soo.. Who was that boy you were with?" I asked raising an eyebrow. "Oh you mean Luke? I met him when you were gone." he said with a smile and a wag of his tail. "Well that's nice, making new friends already?" I said with a chuckle.

"Better make sure he doesn't find out about your Dirty Secret." I said letting out a laugh.


I couldn't stop thinking about Calum.. He was a terrible liar. I smiled at that thought. But was interrupted by yell "Dude, What the fuck are you smiling at you're weirding me out..." Alex said with a worried face. "Ah nothin I met some one.." I said smiling a little.

"Do you have his number!?" Alex asked

"No.." I said groaning "I just met him though."

"It doesn't matter!" Alex yelled.

"Hopefully I see him again..then I'll get his number" I said with a little hope.

"There ya go! Woohoo go Luke!" Cheered Alex

I let out a laugh and started making my to the door "I'm gonna get the mail" I say running to the mail box. I look up to see someone familiar..."Calum?" I say to the person about to walk into the house. He turns around and runs over to me.

*Calums POV*

"Calum?" I heard someone call to me I turn around from my door step and saw... Luke! I was so happy to see him. I ran over to him "hey! This is convenient." I said letting out a chuckle. I was feeling a slight pain in my ears (my cat ones of course!) from hiding them in my hair. Sadly I told him I had to go "sorry I have to go.." I said pouting. As I turned I was stopped by his question.. " before you go do you want to exchange numbers?" I smile and nodded. He handed me his phone and I handed him mine. We traded back after we were done. "Text me!" He yelled as I ran back across the street "ok!" I yelled back and walked inside.

I let my ears out if their hiding place and sighed." I forgot how hard that was.." I groaned rubbing my ears. "Who was out there?" Ash asked. "Luke. I got his number!" I smiled wagging my tail. "Ooo go calum." Ash said half zoned out watching spongebob. I felt my phone buzz. I pulled it out of my pocket and unlocked it:

From: Luke

Heyooo :3

I smiled and texted back:

To: Luke

Well hello :D

For about 4 hours I texted Luke about everything. Who knew we had sooo much in common?

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