Opposites Attract

"We are not like the other couples," I say laying my head on his shoulder. He sighs quietly then laughs.
"Hey, opposites attract, right?"


3. chapter 3

After class I make way outside and call Keith for him to pick me up. I stomp my foot hard when it goes to voicemail.

I groaned and looked around. I can't call my dad because he's out of town and I can't call Luke because he's in class. I sigh and walk around thinking of what to do.

"Uhm, are you okay?" An English accent says behind me. I roll my eyes and wipe my cheek in frustration. Now what?

"I'm perfectly fine." I say without even thinking of turning around. I take out my phone to text Gretchen asking if she could pick me up.

"Doesn't really seem like it..." The voice says again, taunting me. I finally turn around to see a curly haired boy with many tattoos. I roll my eyes. I can't waste my time with him.

"I'm.fine." I repeat putting my phone away and tightening my grip on my bag. He laughs and puts his hands up. "Sorry Ms. Royalty." He says searching me up and down.

I look down at my clothes and cringe. The day I wear a pink dress and heels. I probably look like a snob, and who wears this to class... I turn around again and shake my head looking for Gretchen to come pick me up.

"You know I could give you a ride...." The boy says shaking his keys behind me. Tempted I turn back around and cross my arms, he smirks.

"I don't even know your name." I say eyeing his tattoos. He shrugs. "Names are stupid, Mackenzie." He replies.

"How do you know my name then...?" I ask testing him. He laughs. "You're mothers only in like every magazine..." He says in between laughs. I just stand there looking at him. He finally notices me not laughing and stops. He sighs his laughing finally cooling down. I uncross my arms and take out my phone to text Gretchen not to pick me up.

"Drive me." I say putting my phone away and adjusting my dress. The tatted boy just smirks. "Alright." I roll my eyes and follow him to his car.

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