Opposites Attract

"We are not like the other couples," I say laying my head on his shoulder. He sighs quietly then laughs.
"Hey, opposites attract, right?"


2. chapter 2

I run downstairs quickly as I push my iPhone into my back pocket. "Sorry, sorry." I say as I get into the car.

Keith smiles and shakes his head, "Don't worry about it, Mack. Where we going today?" He asks starting the car.

"Can you take me to the nearest coffee place I need to stop for coffee before class." I say resting my head on the window.

Keith nods and turns on the music. I take out my phone to check the time. 10:30. I sigh, class begins at 10:45.

Just as Coldplay begins to fill the car, Keith pulls into Starbucks and opens my door making the music stop. I groan playfully and get out of the car whispering a quiet thank you.

I put my iPhone in my purse and run to the doors. "Hey Mack! The usual?" Gretchen, my favorite barista yells over the crowded line. I nod happily, "Yeah thanks!" I say sitting down on the nearest couch.

I check the time. 10:40. I cringe. I might as well take my time if I'm going to be late anyways, my professor is always late too.

"Hold on, are you Mackenzie Matthews?" A voice says above me. I look up to see a handsome man with tan skin. I smile and nod standing up. "Yeah. That's me." I say.

I don't consider myself famous since I don't get stopped in Walmart by paparazzi or go on Ellen, but sometimes people usually recognize me as Selina Matthews daughter since she's famous. I've had a couple of photo shoots but that's it. It's rare for someone to recognize me, really.

"Woah, uhm. I'm Zayn." The man says looking me up and down. I smile suddenly turning shy.

"I'm Mackenzie. Well you already know that. I mean you told me that in the first sentence..so yeah." I fluster. Zayn laughs. "Hey it's fine," he says. I smile, grateful.

"Mackenzie Matthews!" I hear Gretchen's voice say. I look up and see her winking. I roll my eyes and walk over to get my drink ignoring everyone's stares.

Just as I'm about to step out of the door a hand reaches my arm making me jump. I look behind me and see Zayn. I sigh.

"Look, uhm we have this party tomorrow at my place and it would be great, if you know, you made an appearance." Zayn says giving me a number. I smile. "Yeah I'll come." I lie.

"Great! Okay it's at my place. It's on the paper, my address." He says getting shy. I laugh and nod. "Thanks Zayn." He nods and walks away leaving me standing there with his pathetic address and my Vanilla Bean frap.

A/N: Hey guys! So just an FYI this fanfiction it's just about Zayn and Mack. Also Maya Mitchell plays Gretchen(;

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