My Social Experiment

The Cyberbullying experiment with Movellas.


2. A Noticable Change, And Thank You!


I am quite impressed, it has only been one day and I have seen a notable change when it comes to confronting these trolls.

Yesterday we had two new users here on Movellas, who were trolling on people. I believe the accounts were @Lolalove and @Lmao.

When people were confronting the accounts, or simply responding I did notice a calm vibe and everyone was more gentle. The bullies had nothing to say anymore because no one was giving them a fight, so one deleted there account. 

This makes me feel so happy, happy that people are taking my advice and this will help stop these anonymous users from coming on here. I do take your thoughts and opinions into account, don't think I ignore them. 

Seriously thank you so much for letting me conduct my experiment, and most importantly allowing me to stay on this website. Your comments are so sweet (some), I just want to give you all a big Horan hug.

And 28 likes, 25 favourites, and 228 reads, 26 fans?! In one day, wow I am beyond shocked. Once again thank you for your time and cooperation, it means the whole world to me that I could make a change.

Remember guys "Think before you type."

xoxo Eleanor

PS: If you ever need to talk about something I am here my contact info:
KIK: eleanorelgort
And of course here on Movellas :)

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