Alive and Kicking

I want to do a longer story about two kids who can only meet over summer holidays, using their different stories to chart the process of "growing up" - the idea would be to have one summer comprising one section of the story, as that seems the neatest division. The "chapters" so far will all ultimately just be part of the first "summer". I do know what I want to do further down the line but I'm struggling to make this seem 'complete' as an opener; I only really wanted them to meet in the first summer...


6. I vi

Jack and Lizzie, after the lake but before the woods, each returned to their respective parents for something to eat. Lizzie was all Jack thought of, and all he spoke of. He proceeded to tell his parents about what life was like in the country, and what her school was like, and what her friends were like, and what her house was like, and what Wales was like, and if she had any pets, and so on and so on until they were too bored to even pretend to care any longer.

Having failed to notice their lack of interest, Jack began in earnest once more. "And her mum used to live in Scotland and have a hotel there, but had to move down here when..."

"Jack, we don't care." 

Fathers can be so cruel.

"We're just tired and a bit stressed about the car, dear."

Mothers try, at least.

"Ok. I'm sorry. I was wondering, though... When you're off sorting the car out, later, can I go and explore the woods with Lizzie? We won't get in any trouble - I promise!"

His parents looked at one another: the mother shrugged, unwilling to commit. The father nodded his head, to Jack's delight. 

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