He Came Back

He was a good guy.

She was a good girl.

He was overweight.

She saw past that.

He loved her.

She loved him.

He lost weight.

She still loved him.

He left for the other girls.

She still loved him.

He saw her after 3 years.

She saw him after 3 years.

He wanted her back.

She wanted him gone.

He was Abram Crawford

She was Jazmina Ericson

This story is about two high school lovers, that loved each other for their false and imperfection. They didn't care about what other people said. But everything has and end. He left for the other girls. She stayed and prayed that he would come back. 3 years after, He Came Back.

(Not fanfiction)


2. He Came Back - Chapter 1

He knew it was her. Even though she had her back to him, he still knew. He would always know. He couldn't believe that he was so lucky to see her, after so long. He wantet her back. He wantet Jazmina Ericson back.

He knew that he had hurt her so much, that it hurt him to even think about it. He shook his head. What was he thinking, back then? He knew that he still loved her, there was no doubt in that. As he was studing her, he couldn't help but think how beatiful she was. She was an angel. Her smile was as bright as the sun, but more beatiful. The way she laughed made his heart melt, just thinking about it. The lame jokes she would tell, that he still remembered

He was currently standing in the middel of the supermarket, bying some groceries to his new house, that he just bought. He probably looked like a creeper staring at her, but he didn't care, cause all he wantet to do was just look. Look at the beauty infrot of him.

Something she had in her hand fell to the ground and as she bucked down to reach for it, he couldn't stop him self looking at her round fit ass. He remebered those nights with her, gripping and squeezing them. He could feel his tent in his pants, just by thinking of those nights, he dominated her body with pure lust and love.

At that time, he was just starting to loose weight and started to train to get a fit body. He was begining to have more confident and started to show more dominance when they were together in bed, which she loved. In fact, she loved everything about him and vice verse.

But why did he leave? He only left because of the all of the girls started to notice him. He began to get attention, which he never had expereinced, and that just carried him away.

Away from his first love, away from her.

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