The Conquests and Happenings of the ZORG

From classrooms and friendships to battlefields and aliens, the ZORG will prevail. Gazumph!


22. Zs

It was hard to miss Agent Z’s arrival. She walked through the corridors of the castle, trailed by one of the drones who had the job of ushering guests around. As she passed, ZORG robots stuck their heads out of doors and accumulated to watch her walk by, whispering to each other in Gazumphianian.

She ignored this, pushing aside a few short, dark hairs that had fallen over her sunglasses, which she then took off and hung from the collar of her shirt, and proceeded right through the black double doors to The Almighty Z’s throne room.

Z sat in her dark throne, back straight, expecting Agent Z’s arrival any minute with ZOK by her side. Despite her expectancy, the Almighty Z still jumped a little when the set of doors opposite her swung open.

The dim, grey sunlight barely made it’s way through the overcast clouds of Gazumphania and illuminated the figure. The Almighty Z stood, taking in the other’s stylish black, pressed denim jeans, grey tee, and black leather jacket as she walked to the middle of the room so she was right in front of the agent walking towards her. She looked up at the girl’s eyes, each the color of shadowed ocean. There was barely an inch of difference in height but a difference nonetheless.

“Hi, Z,” the girl said before nodding at ZOK, who flashed the lights in his two antenne once in reply. Aside from a slight quirk of her right eyebrow, Zee gave no reaction.

“Hi, Z,” she replied, face straight, before they both burst into spontaneous smiles and hugged. “How’ve you been?” Z asked when they pulled apart.

The Agent shrugged, “Not bad. This Great Alliance is the talk of the GIA, you know.” GIA stood for “Galactic Intelligence Agency”, a branch of the Galactic Governmental Alliance (creatively shortened to GGA). At the mention of the Agency, the Almighty Z felt a little pang, but she pushed it down and smiled.

“That’s understandable,” she said, tucking her loose, blonde waves behind her ear. “So the ZORG obviously need some help. Can you provide it?”

“The GIA as a whole has decided not to get involved, but I’ll do what I can for you on my own,” Agent Z said without hesitation, before adding, “if you like.”

The Almighty Z felt a rush of affection for her friend. “Thank you,” she said warmly. “You won’t regret it.”

The dark-haired Agent Z smiled. “I know. Shall we?”

“We shall,” the queen said, leading her out of the throne room. She stopped and rolled her eyes when she saw all the drones waiting expectantly. She nodded and waved them back to work as they cheered.

ZOK trailed behind the two Zs slightly, unsure if he was to come along or not. Z waved him along and he increased his walking speed to catch up and walk beside the Almighty Z. His antennae reached up to her shoulder, the flat surface of the top of his head to her elbow. His neck was at her hip and his legs met his spherical body at the level of her knees.

As they walked amidst the robots all scurrying off, Agent Z said, “First we should analyze the attack and what went wrong. Your weapons designer and head of defense should meet with us first.”

“ZOK, sent a message to Marvin to tell Malice I need her in the strategy room. And I don’t have a human head of defense.” The Almighty Z said, looking down.

“Austin not around anymore?”

“Kidnapped by Tealians a year ago,” Z said, “prisoner of war, found tortured to death a week later. Worst part is that he didn’t keep his mouth shut.”

“I’m sorry,” Agent Z said with sympathy. The queen shrugged.

“Yeah, well. Nothing can be done. So I’ve had ZOK here doing the strategy and stuff, but I obviously need a replacement.” While ZOK was great at what he could do, he lacked creativity and ingenuity, which were essential.

“I know a guy,” Agent Z said. “I’ll call him over tomorrow.”

“I’ll meet him, but no promises.” Agent Z nodded.


They walked in silence for a few seconds more before finding themselves in the strategy room, a brightly lit room lined with holographic displays and filled with a large table and chairs, most of which were never used. A sleep-deprived Malice sat in one of the chairs, arms crossed over her blue flannel. She’d been working nonstop on figuring out the Great Alliances’ new weapons so she could design better ones for the ZORG, and it showed.

However, by the time that Agent Z left, promising to return in the morning, Malice had a new plan for a new and improved triple-code-red obliteration mode two point oh, and Almighty Z saw some hope for victory.

The Great Alliance was going down. The ZORG would prevail.

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