The Conquests and Happenings of the ZORG

From classrooms and friendships to battlefields and aliens, the ZORG will prevail. Gazumph!


6. ZORG Transport Station

With a cheer of joy, a squad of ZORG landed on their planet, Gazumphiania (home of the Gazumphianians, who are also known as Z’s Outstanding Robot Guys). Today, the planet was large, purple, and furry, with the ends of the long tentacles of fur that reached out of the current atmosphere swaying in the vacuum of space. Yesterday, the planet was yellow and square, greatly resembling a large block of cheese.

The leader of the ZORG, the Almighty Z, had a great passion for using the planet’s shape-shifting and metamorphosing powers for her own entertainment. For instance, one time, the leader of the Tealians (The Great Teal) ticked her off, so she turned Gazumphiania into a large Tealian-shaped blob that was extremely unflattering. Also, it may or may not have had a few choice comments engraved in the landscape of the Tealian’s forehead.

Most of the galaxy thought it was hilarious, including the Tealians themselves (it’s attention, you know), but the Great Teal was not amused.

For the record, it was most definitely at least amusing.

Anyway, a squad of ZORG, landed on the planet and one of them pressed a button on a control panel hidden behind some purple fur (which smelled like vanilla and raspberries, if you were wondering. The fur, that is, not the panel.). With the push of a button, a particularly sultry female ZORG voice spoke (you know, like that voice that announces the floor you’re on in an elevator). “Please identify,” it said. The ZORG formed a perfect, single file line, and one by one stated their designation.

“One of Three Zero Two, Squad Nine,” said the first ZORG.

“Thank you,” said the lovely, electronic voice, “please proceed.”

The ZORG (One of Three Zero Two, Squad Nine, who usually went by ZOK), stepped forward as a patch of fur rotated away revealing a dark chute that went straight down. The drone jumped into the chute with a cry of “Geeeee”, which is usually used like humans use “whee”, despite it’s technical meaning, “to dance in a duck-like fashion”. Anyway, the ZORG plummeted down silently at incredible speeds for precisely three hundred and two seconds, before engaging the rocket boosters on his feet to slow himself down before gently lowering himself to the ground, only to be promptly squashed by the next robot (and the next, and the next, and the next....) to drop from the ceiling.

The ZORG found themselves in a large pile in one of the long rooms of the ZORG Transport Station bustling with Gazumphanians coming and going. Many dropped out of portals in the high ceiling individually, while others boarded ships that ascended up through larger portals that appeared and disappeared in a second. Some sat on benches knitting, eating, or talking, while others zoomed around flying, showering the crowd in multicolored sparks from their boosters, and such.

The room itself greatly resembled an airport, with white tiled floors, white walls, and benches and chairs lined up in orderly rows. ZORG walked in and out of automatic doors coming to and and from the underground train system and other rooms nearly identical to this one (only each in it’s own color and spitting the robots out in a different part of the planet). The ZORG lady with the sexy voice (if you’re into electronic chattering) coming over the speakers to announce perfectly relevant and uninteresting announcements frequently.

Anyway, the ZORG from squad nine all got out of the dog-pile (robot-pile?) that they all landed in went their separate ways, some to the trains, others to other parts of the transport system.

Except for ZOK, who stumbled to his feet, straightened out his metal appendages and groaned, before catching the train to the grey room, where he would proceed to the Almighty Z’s castle.

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