The Conquests and Happenings of the ZORG

From classrooms and friendships to battlefields and aliens, the ZORG will prevail. Gazumph!


63. Turtle vs Time

Zee’s summer was inching by so slowly that ten minutes passed by as if each second was being dragged on by a turtle drugged up on sleeping pills. Seriously, a pig could beat time in a flying contest which is saying something, considering that time is the one accustomed to actually flying.

She basically spent all day every day trying to distract herself from how much she missed Jacob, which clearly was not working, based on the number of times he came up in her thoughts per day, which was like, ten thousand, and it’d barely been a week.

She was fairly certain that it was never going to end. So she flung herself on her bed and texted Gabriella, who she’d explained everything to on day three of summer.

Zee: I’m going insane.

Gabriella: u r not

Zee: I should have said something before he walked away.

Gabriella: like what? “ik i’m not going to c u for like three months but ily” bc no. way to make things awkward

Zee: Okay I see your point but I’m still dying here.

Zee: Like I’m having withdrawal symptoms.

Gabriella: lol u r not

Zee: No seriously. Obsessive thoughts, irregular heartbeat, upset stomach...

Gabriella: ya that’s called looovveee <3 :*

Zee: shut up

Gabriella: srry. u should just txt him

Zee: He says he doesn’t text. And I don’t have his number.

Gabriella: i have it tho and he txted me for homework once when we did a group project


Gabriella: chill sheesh i’ll txt him for u :)

Zee: NO just give me his number

Zee: Don’t you dare say anything

Zee: I will hunt you down


Zee: I hate you

She threw her phone down next to her on her bed and pulled a pillow over her face. Something bad was happening. She knew it. Oh god. She should not have said anything to Gabriella. Was she actually texting him? Did he actually text her? He might have lied to Zee or just stretched the truth for the sake of the argument when he said he didn’t text. Or maybe he didn’t text other people but he would Zee. That would be cute.

Also highly unlikely.

Why hadn’t Gabriella texted her back yet?

Her phone buzzed.

555-4582: dude Gabriella gave me your number

Her insides exploded. She texted Gabriella again.

Zee: Holy crap I don’t even care what you said thank you

Gabriella: lol i told him u were hopelessly bored so he should txt u. i take it he did?

Zee: YES! I’ll tell you all about it later.

Gabriella: lol ok have fun ;)

Zee then texted Jacob back and saved his number under his name.

Zee: Good, I’m bored.

Jacob: Hi bored. I’m Jacob. ;)

Zee grinned.

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