The Conquests and Happenings of the ZORG

From classrooms and friendships to battlefields and aliens, the ZORG will prevail. Gazumph!


16. Triple Code Red Obliteration Mode and Melvin

The Almighty Z wove through the maze of cavernous corridors beneath her castle. She knew all of them like the back of her hand, but sometimes she liked to intentionally get lost and try to find her way back to the spiral staircase that led up into a secret passageway on the ground level. However, this was not one of those times.

The underground air wasn’t damp, but it was chilly and Z pulled her dark hood up and put her hands in her pockets. The planet was in color that day, though the corridor walls were grey stone and the floor was shiny, white marble. Her black Converse sneaker boots, worn over her skinny jeans, were all but silent as she took a left, then a right, then backtracked three halls, down one block, up a block, and took three more lefts before finding herself in front of a deep purple door (the color being deep, not the door. Not that the door was thin either. It was just a normal thickness for a door). She let herself in by typing a short passcode into a keypad beside the door.

Behind it was a large room. Intricate, deadly-looking weapons decorated the walls. On one side of the room was a messy desk and display case of ZORG armor with a sleek, black cat sleeping on top of it, and on the other, a massive workbench, drawing table, and shelves of supplies and tools. On the exact other end of the room was a door identical to the one the Almighty Z had just passed through.

Behind the workbench, a single ZORG drone, sharpened the edge of a piece of metal, it’s glow a sad, bluish grey. That particular drone’s designation was two hundred and six of three hundred and two, squad forty eight. He went by the name Melvin and was the only drone programmed to make prototypes for new weapons and technology. This was because for reasons only known to her, he was the only drone that Malice would allow in her area.

“Almighty Z!” The surprised drone stepped out from behind the bench and bowed deeply. She waved him off as a normal-looking brunette girl wearing a black t-shirt and flannel slipped in from the other door. She may have looked harmless, and maybe she was, but she was brilliant at what she did.

“Stop swooning and finish that knife, Melvin.” Malice rolled her eyes at him.

“No,” the drone replied, “I will continue for the Almighty Z.” He looked at her, large eyes glinting in the dim-ish light of the room.

Malice sighed. “Your queen made me your superior, and as such, I directly order you to continue your task of making the knife outlined in the plans on that table there right now,” She glared at him. The robot turned his boxy head to look back at his queen, who nodded. He let his head hang and slugged back over to his work.

“He gets so annoying when you’re around,” she shook her head. “but whatever. What’s up, Z?” The Almighty Z didn’t even frown at the nickname, as Malice was one of the few who had permission to use it.

“Apparently we have intel that this ‘great’ alliance is planning an attack,” Almighty Z said, “and we need to decimate them.”

“Ah. Do you want standard yellow alert protocol and triple code red obliteration mode on standby?”

“Triple code red obliteration mode? We have that?”

Malice smiled maliciously. “I’ve been working on it for a while. It basically links into the planet metamorphosis and turns the entire place into a huge fortress at the push of a button.”

“Will it defend us and take them out?” Z asked.

“Melvin? What’s the predicted probability of success with the new T.C.D.O.M.?”

“The new triple code red obliteration mode has a nine ninety nine point three percent predicted success rate,” Melvin droned. Malice looked back at Zee, eyebrows raised.

Z wasn’t sold yet. She wasn’t sure if she was willing to try out new defense technology the first time the Great Alliance attacked. “What are it’s weaknesses?” she inquired.

“Well, the planet can’t change instantaneously. It’ll need two and a half seconds to be fully reinforced and ready,” Malice said, tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear “but I bet our air defenses can hold them off that long if the long-range space sensors pick up the enemies in time, and I just had Melvin upgrade them last week.” Melvin’s head and antennae perked up at the sound of his name, only to slouch again when he was ignored.

The Almighty Z considered this. “Do both. Yellow alert and this new wizardry,” she decided with a wicked smile in her lined eyes.

“YES.” Malice smiled. Behind her, Melvin began a happy dance, but stopped immediately when she turned around and glared. “They will die.”

“Excellent. Painfully?”

“Heck yeah. That’s what I do.”

“Perfect.” With this, the Almighty Z went back to her tower to relax. The Alliance’s troops would probably be wiped out before she even noticed the attack.

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