The Conquests and Happenings of the ZORG

From classrooms and friendships to battlefields and aliens, the ZORG will prevail. Gazumph!


35. That Pleading Though

Zee shook her head violently. “No way,” she said firmly. “I most definitely will not.”

“And why not?” Gabriella asked. “I’ll be fun!”

“No it won’t, it’ll be lame and depressing,” Zee insisted, appalled that Gabriella seemed to think that she would have any interest in attending a “semi-formal social”, which was code for “stupid social event with pizza and dancing and basketball in the gym to try to tempt males to attend”.

“C’mon Zee, please?” Gabriella pleaded. “I don’t want to be all alone.”

“That pleading, though. Why don’t you get Peter to go with you,” Zee said, watching amusedly as Gabriella squeaked and turned red.

“I can’t!”

“Yes, you can. Just talk to him.” She gestured to the boy two tables over “He’s not scary.” And he wasn’t, he was like the ultimate nerdy-nice-and also cute guy. And also kinda perfect for Gabriella.

“Dude! No!” She hissed.

Zee laughed, “Dude! Yes!”

“Seriously, I can’t!”

“Do you need me to give him your number for you or something? Because I can and will put it in his locker.”

“No! Will you just come to the dance?”

“Nope,” Zee said.

“Please?” Gabriella begged.

“Nope,” she repeated.

“If I let you give Peter my number will you come?”

Zee thought about it for a moment. “Umm...fine.” She figured one night of probable torture might be worth her friend’s future boyfriend.

Gabriella squealed, which made Zee cringe. “Yes! You won’t regret it! We’re totally going shopping at the mall tomorrow and-”

Zee interrupted. “-whoa I did not agree to shopping in that commercialized social hell.”

“That what?” Gabriella asked, confused.

Zee was about to explain when Jacob materialized behind them. “What are you guys talking about?” he asked.

“I’m about to explain to Gabriella why the mall is basically commercialized social hell,” Zee said. “You might want to pop some popcorn if you're gonna stick around.”

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