The Conquests and Happenings of the ZORG

From classrooms and friendships to battlefields and aliens, the ZORG will prevail. Gazumph!


46. Sorry, Not Sorry

The Almighty Z drifted back into consciousness as she heard the high scrape of metal against rock. The cell door was moving, but she couldn’t make herself stop it. She couldn’t even force her eyelids to open. All she could do was think of the pain. Everywhere. Constant. The lock clicked.

“Oh, Almighty Z, my Queen,” came the raspy, low, yet boyish voice of Creep. Or, apparently, Josh the Great. “I know you can hear me, but you won’t be well enough to do anything for a few hours yet. You and your friend. What was his name, again? Jonathan? Jacob? He’s not doing much better than you, I’m afraid. Those lasers your drones have really work, don’t they? I’ve locked you both in this wonderful cell you’ve had me trapped in for weeks. I’m sure you’ll find it accomodating. I sure have. I mean, look. I’ve taken over one of your ‘unhackable’ drones, and am about to go take the rest. I’ve nearly assassinated you once, and look, now you’re trapped in a cell down here, where nobody knows you are, and nobody could probably get to you even if they did know. Your poor friends. What are they all going to think when you just don’t appear, ever again? What a shame. Especially since you could have prevented it all. Remember all those years I came to you, and all those times you rejected me? Time after time again? Well. It’s too bad you never said yes. It would have saved you a lot of misery.”

Zee mustered up all the power left in her body, using the heat of the immeasurable anger she felt to her advantage. “You...won’t get away with this.” Her muscles clenched in pain. It was like knives were radiating out from her heart, devouring, slicing everything in their paths, right down to her toes. “My security...will get you.”

Creep laughed, the tormenting sound reverberating through Z’s aching skull. “Oh, but Z, my dear. I already have. Have fun rotting in this hellhole.” And with that came footsteps, then the heart-shattering slam of the stone doors, the click of another lock, and then silence. The Queen tried to stay conscious, but in the end, humanity won out and the excruciating pain had her falling into the unidentifiable depths of unconsciousness yet again.

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